5 Best Yoga Mats

You may be wondering what are the essential materials which can be used for yoga practice. One of those things which you can no do without is the yoga mat.

A yoga mat is a must-have, and an essential companion of yoga. Every yogi (male practitioner) or yogini (female practitioner) needs a yoga mat. A supportive, resistant, soft and can be effortlessly clean yoga mat is a necessity for practicing yoga successfully and comfortably.
Have you been thinking of the best yoga mat to get to practice comfortably? Here are 5 five best yoga mats.

1.Lululemon’s; The Reversible Mat (5mm)

This mat has dual-textured sides: a rubber side that provides adhesion to the surface when sprayed, and a gummy side that makes your body stick tothe mat. this mat is highly thick which provides enough protection to your knees.
The mat is 5mm thick, 75 cm long, and 26 inches in width. It is very wide and durable but the surface tends to show dust.

2. Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

he warrior mat is thick and provides the perfect cushioning that prevents wrist fatigue and provides knees protection. It is versatile with perfect length and wideness which makes it suitable for any yoga pose. It can be rolled- up tightly which makes it very portable and can be easily cleaned.

3. Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

This mat provides the perfect traction, texture, grip, and is very supportive. It is rubber made which makes it to be very sticky and helps prevent you from slipping during practice. It provides a textured surface that prevents exhaustion during practice and offers enough padding for protection. It is 68 inches long, 24 inches wide, and comes in various colors – Read More

4. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat (6mm)
This mat contains the best ultra-dense padding responsible for support and protection. It is made up of closed-cell material, therefore, making it easy to clean and disinfect. It comes in various sizes to enable different individuals’ selections.

5. Nuprava, The Unity Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is designed to increase practice due to its ultra grip and non-slippery nature. It is made with eco-conscious materials which makes it user-friendly. It is machine washable making it easy to clean, 70 inches long and 24 inches wide.


Having a yoga mat is a necessity for every yoga practice. Various yoga mats are non-slippery, affordable, made up of natural and easy to clean materials. These mats can give you the comfort, support, and protection you need during practice.

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