Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Day 3! Fat Burning 20 Minute Workout Beginners & Intermediate

Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Day 3! Fat Burning 20 Minute Workout Beginners & Intermediate

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  1. i love your yoga videos :)Greetings from Germany <3


  3. I love these videos! I am not flexible plus I got a knee injury and my spine is slightly curved. Yoga helps me so much to ease the pain yet it's hard to find videos I can follow along! but I've been able to do all of these videos and poses (except for the downward dog in the previous vid ;_;). Thank you so much!

  4. Why only instagram? :c

  5. Weight loss green store tea certainly lives up to the hype! After I've tried it, I have lost over 8 pounds in 2 months! It's no substitute for exercise, but losing 8 pounds is as good a start to a fitness regimen as anything.

  6. Joy, you and Tracy are hilarious and sweet-spirited.  Great workout in this video along with the cute bow in the beginning!

  7. Good video showing the alternate move for beginners who still unable to do the full range pose.

  8. Loved this yet again especially the balancing at the end! I missed the kitty though :(

  9. Oh, Joy.  I could watch you for hours.  You have a great personality and you always look amazing.

  10. Both of you have great personalities!

  11. I've learned not to have sun cream on your body before doing tree pose. Everything was too slippery, my feet was sliding off my thigh :) Other then that it is a great workout, specifically on the sun :)

  12. SupaKamehameha808

    vajracuties love the vibrant matching colors beautiful indeed

  13. Finally, number three! This is my favorite so far in the challenge. :)

  14. Hai 0:15 I loved the part of the Japanese salute was AWESOME. Maybe in the future you can make Japanese folkloric dance? THAT WOULD BE GREAT,You're the best Joy. +PsycheTruth

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