Yoga Vinyasa Strong Flow – Full 45 minutes – Advanced

Yoga Vinyasa Strong Flow – Full 45 minutes – Advanced

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  1. Hi Donna, bridge pose always makes me emotionally feel weird. What do you think about that?


    Amezing class!!! i loved it!!!

  3. I loved that flow! Thank you so much!! The way you explain how to get into those tougher poses, like crow, really makes a huge difference. I wasn't able to get into crow before today and I was actually able to extend my legs too!

  4. Esa????????????☺️????

  5. Great yoga practice really enjoyed it. Thank u x

  6. cooool headstand! i like you :)))

  7. fantastic inspirational and challenging. thank you , thank you. thank you.

  8. Awesome video :) just awesome!!

  9. thanks Donna

  10. This flow rocks

  11. Great video. Thank you.

  12. Crow pose technique is amazing! Very good class! Thank you so much ! Just wish there was a child's pose in the middle cz it was pretty intense, but thats a good thing!

  13. Hi Donna,

    Great to be doing a workout with you again. Greeting to you and Kate from the Isle Of Wight. Thanks for another great session on the mat.

    Matt x

  14. Good Class.
    I have learned a few good techniques here:
    roll mat and perform Uttanasana with more back leg engagement
    Handstand with the extended arms.

    Just would suggest a few replacements of the down dog, lots of them for a 45 min practice but also gives the strength proposed at the beginning 

    Thanks alot

  15. Perfect for beginners as well as intermediate yogis.

  16. You are a very strong woman

  17. another great exercise. thank you for sharing

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