Yoga Poses: How to do King Pigeon Pose with 4 variations

Yoga Poses: How to do King Pigeon Pose with 4 variations

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  1. Nope, that's not happening for me

  2. Thank you for making such a great video!  Because of it, I finally could do the full pose!! :) I was having a lot of trouble flipping my grip, and the serving tray cue made things click for me.

  3. Gabriella Filomena Buttarazzi

    Great video! Thnak you for sharing :-) I Am struggling with natarajasana. Do you have a video fot that? sat nam x

  4. I am having trouble rotating my arm so that my elbow points up. Is this due to a lack of shoulder flexibility?

  5. Nanyeli Martinez B

    I like this pose. Thank you.

  6. This is the best one legged king pigeon pose video! I've been looking for a good tutorial video for the pose and many of them don't explain the details so much. Glad I watched this. I will definitely keep on practicing! :)

  7. Hi! I love your videos! I was working into this pose and I have a difficulty remaining balanced, I always fall over for some reason. Also, my lower back is very tight for this, so it creates a stress on it. What do you suggest?

  8. ok

  9. Hey SingingSophie.  Thanks for your question.  I do believe that everyone can increase their level of flexibility through an asana practice, but not every pose is good for every body.  I have been practicing asana for over twelve years now, and although I can do things now I was unable to do in my early twenties, I really struggle to get into king pigeon.  Keep in mind that the poses should make you feel good, not create stress.  Ultimately the poses are designed to create space (not tightness or stress) in the body so that you can breathe deeper, comfortably sit in meditation, and bring your mind to a state of focus.  If king pigeon is a goal for you then take it slow and make sure to warm up your back, hips, shoulders, and quads, a lot before attempting the pose.  Be kind to yourself. =)

  10. So, anyone can develop this level of flexibility over time? or some ppl will just never ever get there?

  11. I love your video the most, of all the videos I've been watching about pigeon pose. Glad that you mention some poses to help open my body b4 doing the pigeon pose. Good explanation from 1st variation to full pose, make the pose alot easier. Thanks a lot! 

  12. The crazier the pose the better :-). Just kidding of course. I think the true advanced yogi will adjust poses depending on the condition of the body at that moment. I love your Empowered classes, but some days I also love just chilling in child's pose

  13. Be The Change Yoga

    Hey guys! Let us know your thoughts! Is there a certain pose you want to learn? Do you have any questions for us? Please feel free to reach out — that's what we're here for! :)

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