Yoga Poses for Flexibility | Basic 10 Minute Yoga Workout for Beginners

Yoga Poses for Flexibility | Basic 10 Minute Yoga Workout for Beginners

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  1. Miss Cookies And Cream

    I like mountain…. 

  2. Does anyone know if this guy has anymore yoga videos?

  3. I try to do this every day thanks

  4. Great video, thank you for your positive energy.

    Blessings and Love,

  5. Not everything is for flexibility right? I really just want flexibility, not the zen stuff, no offense

  6. Great video…..and even under all that clothes one can tell you have an amazing physique

  7. I am not used to staying in shape and let me tell you I died a thousand times over…?

  8. Darn, that's pretty hard o_o

  9. Fantastic instruction in this video; thank you so much for the efficacy and straight-forward-ness.

  10. Check out this video on YouTube:

  11. wow, first time this morning and it felt great!!!!  

  12. looks like some muslim hacked ur website :(

  13. really good pace for a beginner, perfect actually. thanks!

  14. but It's a nine minute video o.0

  15. i really really enjoy your teaching style mate. excellent video. thank you.

  16. I've done sports for the last 5 years,Jogging,rock climbing,fitness,and for the first time Yoga,just tried this,not as easy as it looks,but damn it feels good! :D

  17. Excellent video. Thanks a million for this.

  18. Not easy as i thought

  19. Torn Apart self sufficiency

    bloody hell thats harder than just smashing the free weights.

  20. Spend only 15 minutes a day and you will feel the difference .. #yoga   #asana  

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