Yoga Nidra For Sleep – Powerful Guided Meditation to Fall Asleep Fast #yoganidra #sleep

Yoga Nidra For Sleep – Powerful Guided Meditation to Fall Asleep Fast #yoganidra #sleep

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  1. Victoria Collier

    I can't find this on iTunes, it doesn't open, won't show up in a search?

  2. ShiningLightSeeker

    Thank You, I have a broken neck, the pain can be very bad, the muscle spasms can be unbearable. A few minutes of this helping me relaxing all my muscles and my pain subsides and I sleep. Thank You

  3. Elizabeth Babafemi

    I love this video

  4. Meditation Vacation

    very relaxing and soothing

  5. "Papa, I'm having a really hard time falling asleep." "Do you want to try that guided sleep meditation again?" "No." "It worked last night." "Oooooooookay, fine." [10 minutes later …] "zzzzzzzzzzz"

  6. Deborah Holland

    Excellent , Excellent

  7. I've tried this twice. Don't think I lasted more than 5 minutes before I was out for the night. Wow! Thank you very much Tripura Mandala!!!! Have been using YN to deal with post-concussion issues following car accident. Very helpful. I use 30 – 45 min during day, and this one at night. They really help balance energy.

  8. melissa behunin

    I like yoga!!!????

  9. melissa behunin


  10. melissa behunin

    You are cool????

  11. melissa behunin

    Hooooooooo gooooooo booppppp

  12. Highly Meditated

    Amazing… excited to watch more, namaste!!

  13. Indranhari hari


  14. Gracias por tan maravillosa música. Me ayuda mucho

  15. Sleep aid

  16. If it puts you to sleep so fast why is it an hour long?

  17. Lindsey Lindsey

    I can't thank you enough quick question do you have something similar to this but more of a pause like relax your shoulder and you wait something like 10secs to say relax your wrist instead of going fast as you do sorry maybe I'm just not as fast as others it takes me longer to process think and do 

  18. I loved this .. I couldn't sleep & needed to get up early in the morning . I went to sleep right away

  19. Debbra Grossheim

    Do i need ear phones for this

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