Yoga Meditation: Pouring Emptiness into the Body

Yoga Meditation: Pouring Emptiness into the Body

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  1. i have never experienced an ad bursting into one of Rupert's videos. is it because the video wasn't refreshed that an ad occurred during viewing? is this interruption now an aspect of Rupert's videos? by choice of Rupert's people, or forced?

  2. Thank you, Rupert, for sharing. Please go on posting these wonderful and freeing yoga meditations – so helpful! I also love your publication "light of pure knowing". I am not interested in yoga traditions or in kundalini practices but what I am searching for is to be and recognize the empty space. Thank you.

  3. thank you for this

  4. Paul Pavan Keetley

    Rupert – Please excuse my putting another perspective. For the transcendent ultimate Source Consciousness (of Brahma) to pour down through Sahasrara into your Subtle Body you might first try/allow your immanent Divine Mother (Kundalini) to raise your awareness and attention to rise and flow and emerge out of the top of your head in thoughtfree awareness. This is the true Yoga or Union that precedes the transcendent pouring down into your Subtle Instrument and into your Void (Bhavasagra). We are both Transcendent Universal and Immanent Individual. Yes ego is illusion. Liberty from illusion is sought through true Yoga Meditation….. Respects and Love.

  5. Amazing, thank you again and again.

  6. Wonderful meditation – thank you, Rupert. 

  7. Thank you Rupert. Normand

  8. AButterfly Breeze

    I am so grateful to you ~ thank you for this ~ Your kind demeanor and clarity is such a gift!

  9. please make your sound a little louder here !  My volume is totally up and I can hardly hear the sound.

  10. Excellent.
    Want to change the world? Imagine 15 mins of daily yoga meditation being a normal part of K-12 education. Costs almost nothing, and would give the next generation almost everything.

  11. "Pouring Emptiness into the Body"
    Rupert Spira
    Published on Jul 24, 2015 "Tracing our attention back to its empty subjective source; permeating the body with emptiness."
    Thank You Sir, ever so grateful Namaste

  12. Yes, please more about yoga meditations.  It is very helpful to be with the body, the emptiness, and away from just intellectual understanding.

  13. Thanks Rupert. Keep posting these yoga meditations. Very helpful. Thanks

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