Yoga, Guided Meditation through the Chakras

Yoga, Guided Meditation through the Chakras

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  1. Snezana Northern

    Thanks Ester for this Medication..could you make one for sleeping..or about people who have food problem.THanks

  2. Nataliya Berrami

    Beautiful relaxing positiv voice.I do not like all that depressing musik the most meditations are followed with.Your voice made me completely relaxed and gave me positiv spirit.

  3. Highly Meditated

    Excellent… excited to view more, namaste!!

  4. Bradley Rogerson

    Thank you

  5. Yoga, Guided Meditation through the Chakras:

  6. Yoga, Guided Meditation through the Chakras:

  7. Beautiful, thank you!

  8. Thank you, Ester!

  9. thank you for this. I am still feeling light headed and a gentle vibration. I did discover one problem when I got to the throat chakra is started to cough and gag almost to the point of vomiting. Is there any advice for this please?  

  10. This was brilliant, thank you.

  11. Raymond De Luna

    I highly recommend this video on gloomy and rainy days. 

  12. that was amazing

  13. very nice  relaxing  NAMASTE

  14. I shit on my chair like you said , my girlfriend went mental

  15. She has a strong Dutch accent. She is not speaking incorrectly.

  16. Esther, this was beautiful to go through. Thank you. I was surprised, that like others, I got a little teary (for me, near the pink and green heart)–in a relieving sort of way. I will try this again with you in the future.

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