Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

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  1. Hilary Hemmes-Kavanaugh

    I love the way the intensity builds during the 40 minutes. I am quite active so initially I was concerned it was too easy, by the end my wrists desperately needed some variation because it was quite difficult after all!

  2. ok ive been wanting to lose weight for a long time! all id eat was junk food:0 even tho i died doing this and sweated alot i realized how unhealthy i am and doing this helped me so much, i feel so calm and relaxed. im going to do this video for a couple more days before i do any other ones tho

  3. this felt great and helped me feel stonger and helps me relax! thanks! :)

  4. Sylvana Tishelman

    Literally best yoga videos ever. I love the way you teach !!!!

  5. Awesome!! way to start a day. With this it builds a positive energy to start my day and continue tirelessly through out the day

  6. is it better to do in the morning or at the end of the day? suggestions?

  7. You are amazing! You have truly helped me start my last semester of nursing school off to the right start! I do have one question: I have wrist can i decrease the pressure especially in downward dog?? Thanks for your awesomeness!

  8. Kristine Kavanagh

    You're awesome…love the language and the invitation to self expression through out the practice.. Namste

  9. thank you,

  10. That was an amazing sequence. Thank you so much! 

  11. I'm getting back into working out and I really didn't feel like working out today so I decided to try to find a yoga video. The 40 minutes flew by for me! I heard the music and was completely surprised it was over. I can't wait to try your other videos! Thanks!

  12. this was my first time trying yoga and this was amaizing!

  13. Fantastic! You are very informative! I'll definitely do more!

  14. great video ! thanks !

  15. less talking more yoga!!!!!!!

  16. Thank you for a´ very nice video, hard but also peaceful.

  17. Had some uncomfortable tingling in my left hand during the warrior 1&2 part.  Not the first time that's happened during yoga practice.  I know my left shoulder is bad…maybe that's the problem?  :/

  18. How many calories does this burn ?

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