Yoga For Weight Loss – Love Yoga Flow

Yoga For Weight Loss – Love Yoga Flow

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  1. I'm so happy that I found you Adriene!!!! Namaste.

  2. Hey Adrienne, just wanted to say I love all your videos :) i'm actually new to yoga, I started doing yoga due to chronic pain from fibromyalgia and it's really helping me. I saw you have a bolster in the backgorund, my sister got me one to help me out on my practice, but most videos I've seen with it are so slow. I was wondering if maybe you could do a video with bolster? That would be so awesome, thanks anyway for your great videos <3

  3. Could you do an episode on just breathing? I have several issues with my breathing and it would help me a ton.

  4. The next video I hope you make is a full yoga class video , like an hour! I'd like to see how you take us from warm up to sun salutation to restorative postures! Thanks!

  5. Jennifer Becker JeniBecks

    This flow was awesome! I felt so much heat through my whole body that I had to keep wiping off sweaty palms. Definitely will keep coming back to this one!

  6. Angela De Almeida

    I love you ???? ???? ???? ????

  7. love your leggings! and such a wonderful chamber in which you are practicing

  8. thank you for this

  9. Adriene you are the best! I have started my own yoga journey because of you and your videos. Thank you for them. I also want your leggings! Who are they by? :)

  10. I looooove this video!!!!! Great flow! Adriene, I want your pants! Where did you get these pants! Sending so much love to you Adriene, you've changed my life <3 Lindsey

  11. love it, just got over a cold and this was the perfect thing too re-jumpstart my home practice

  12. Awesome video. You incorporate the breathing so well, but I really love how you include spirituality with a great work-out. Wish I had known you were in SF- Rainbow Grocery is a truly affordable coop; an unbelievable selection of herbs, flour, etc. All of their produce is organic so no having to check. Miss that place SO much!!! If you ever go back to the foggy city by the bay make sure you check them out.

  13. Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

    Cool. Shared on Google+ , Pinterest and LinkedIn ;->

  14. Love your videos.
    Really had to laugh, in exactly the very moment you talked about rolling on the floor with one's dog or cat or child, my two cats came to snuggle to my belly – even my cats love your instructions :)

  15. i have been waiting for a workout like this for a while. Thanks for making a great, challenging flow!

  16. I would really like to write you a letter Adriene. Do you have a P.O. box?

  17. hello!!adriene
    can u make a yoga video for thyroid problems? THANK YOU:-)

  18. LOVED this sequence Adrienne thank you! Exactly what I needed woo!

  19. Wonderful! Thanks so much

  20. Beautiful practice, thank you so much. I just have to say, that little curl you had going on in the beginning was absolutely cute! 😀 lots of love to you. Namaste

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