Yoga For Weight Loss – Hips & Hammies

Yoga For Weight Loss – Hips & Hammies

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  1. That is cool

  2. jose antonio salinas vega

    Great and nice flow, i love your videos, your have options for beginners and people with less flexibility and your voice always sounds friendly, thanks for sharing +yoga with adriene, namaste.

  3. Does this practice also shape your butt and thighs?

  4. Could we add this to the yoga for weight loss playlist?

  5. i really tried to focus yoga… but i wanna suchly eat ur perfect ass princess <2

  6. Loved this, thanks Adriene! Namaste

  7. Thanks Adriene! I really like your yoga videos

  8. Boy was this a good one for hips and hamstrings. You rock Adriene!

  9. Annette Washbourne

    I've been doing beginners yoga with Adriene for over 3 months. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong but as I've never been to a yoga class I think it's helped me so much. Maybe when I have slimmed down and can do some of the moves, without falling on my face, I can join a class.

  10. Great practice! I really enjoyed it :) And I was able to fly for few seconds! :) Success!

  11. Definitely one of my favourite videos so far!! It covers everything I want to improve on. I hope you never stop making these videos, they have made my life infinitely better! :D

  12. Great video! Thank you for sharing :D

  13. Ahhhhh, that was just yummy.

  14. woo, did crow pose for at least 5 seconds! (that's a first) <3 this

  15. Your voice actually does sound different! :O

  16. i like this yoga lesson because it helps you lose weight and it get me i shape i like do yoga but sometimes it get you tired and hungry and thirsty

  17. I love your channel! You're a great instructor and you're always so sweet and bubbly :) Glad your surgery went well!

  18. Adriene i so loved this sequence, my flexibility has so improved, i love u so much thank u for time and dedication 

  19. thank you so much for sharing.

  20. This was great. Holy crap are my hips tight.

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