Yoga For Weight Loss & Flexibility Day 1 Workout – Fat Burning 20 Minute Beginners Class

Yoga For Weight Loss & Flexibility Day 1 Workout – Fat Burning 20 Minute Beginners Class

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  1. Marguerite Giumarra

    wash your feet lady

  2. I enjoyed the workout, but I have diastasis recti, so I wondered if this would make it worse or help?

  3. can u lose weight without dieting to extreme and just do this?

  4. right before I do this I eat blueberry pie!  #worsedietever #yournotevenclose

  5. ive never done yoga tried this workout today thought id find it easy, anyway tomorrow morning i will be so achy ill wish i never did it lol. Flexibility wasnt an issue for me coz my problem is just that according to the docs…(yeah right) Anyway i do feel better mentally reduced the stress for at least 20 mins, im always mega stressed. I think i found the v pose with head down legs stress hands on floor hardest to hold, i was thinking please sit down now lol Thank you for the video i will continue it several more time until i find it very easy, then move on to the next one.

    i dont know about weight loss but will be good for toning relaxing and destressing

  6. I thought it was a bit quick for a beginner, but I really liked it. The mind battle fo relaxing when you are in an uncomfortable position is part of the work out. I love  it because it is distracting and engaging.

  7. Very nice abdominal focus. Perfect morning work out!

  8. I am very glad to share the news, I lost more than 40 pounds as I did see here +Emilie Kesinger

  9. i think i will save this until i am ready to do 'advanced' yoga.. this is really difficult :l not really a beginners guide..

  10. This video is harmful.  I'm a fibromyalgia sufferer and I like to look for beginner's yoga to do to gently stretch and keep myself limber.  Found this video – poses were way too intense – and all the while she kept saying to stay relaxed, even while doing poses that require flexing of the abdominal muscles it was 'stay relaxed in your belly!' Absolutely ludicrous, no allowance for modification of poses for actual beginners, and the whole time an attitude that oh, it's so easy!  Just do it and stay relaxed! I had to turn it off before the 8 minute mark because I ended up sobbing in pain and shame from not being able to keep up with this supposed 'beginner's class'.   My joints will probably hurt for at least a week after this.  Thanks for absolutely nothing.  This video should have a warning on it.

  11. I just started this today and I'm a complete beginner at yoga. This is the very first workout I've ever made it all the way though. It was hard , don't get me wrong, but I was surprised when it was over! It didn't feel like 20 minutes. I had to modify a few thing but I can see myself sticking with this.

  12. Christine Strzepek

    Thank you for the video ! I did my best and will keep working at it :). It was very relaxing . You are wonderful at explaining ! 

  13. Well I can't do this.. I can't even keep my legs straight while sitting or lying down or whatever..

  14. I do cardio workout but this is too much for beginner. Really painful. ?

  15. How many times do you need to do this to see results?

  16. This is for Beginners ! I could barely keep up as a beginner and some of poses seem intermediate or advanced. Went so fast I had no idea if my positions were correct and if breathing was correct and just gave up early.

  17. Tianna Rule-Daghaghleh

    I was wondering if you had anymore yoga for weight loss? I really like your videos and I was hoping you would be making more of the weight loss ones.
    Thank you!

  18. Hi Courtney,  My name is Cheryl and I am 55 years old. I have osteoporosis in my lower spine. I have been practicing restorative yoga for about 8 months and wanting to go into beginners yoga. Everyone is telling I should not do yoga. Could you please give me some advise or do you have video for someone with osteoporosis? Thanks you so much

  19. this was great i felt a lightness to my body, just a quick question work out before or after yoga like these ?

  20. This first time I did this video was super tough. I came back to it after doing some other basics videos for a couple weeks and there is definately improvement. I can't wait til I can do it no problem

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