Yoga For Weight Loss & Fat Burning Workout – 30 Minute Beginners Flexibility Class – Day 2

Yoga For Weight Loss & Fat Burning Workout – 30 Minute Beginners Flexibility Class – Day 2

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  1. I just started, I have done 1 and 2 but I can not find day 3 for tomorrow, can someone help me?

  2. Azmarayith Noddegamra

    I think you should wear whatever makes you feel comfy, I' not participating because for fashion

  3. hi im a heavy wieght cage fighter and i think your vids are excellent i can really feel energy flowing thank you, regardless of the outfit you are very pretty

  4. I have been doing #1 & #2 every day for 4 weeks. i was feeling pretty confident until I started #3. I cannot do MOST of what she does in #3.. so much more difficulty. very discouraging! guess I'm going back to #1&#2..

  5. I loved this one!

  6. i did only 10 minuts and i cant more, these looks not dificuelt but when u do it, its to hard :/

  7. Desiree Campbell

    falling in love with all of your videos. My body feels so much better after every routine. Great job.

  8. thanks for helping me loose weight I have two mixed yoga and a workout exercises and I can already see a difference thanks x

  9. Be trying to lose weight for ages and this is helping me thank you so much x love doing yoga xx

  10. I really love this, i started with video 1 and it made me want to continue

  11. Renee Skarzynski

    Courtney, I really love your Yoga for weight loss videos. You explain things very well and go at the appropriate pace to know why we're doing something. I have done yoga for a while now on and off. I am finding that No.1 and No 2. are accessing muscle areas I haven't used very often. (I am yet to try No 3. for weight loss). It is good not only for weight loss but for me, posture, and just feeling better, as I have some health issues – feeling bloated and sore back. After the workout I feel better, stronger. The camera angles are very helpful too. By the way either outfit is good, I think it is the variety that makes it interesting, although I have to say blue is my favourite colour. Thanks heaps

  12. Is it normal that my body shakes so much??

  13. Day 2 was much harder but awesome! My legs were quivering the whole time! I love it though. I don't feel like I can't do anything after, like I do with normal workouts. I feel like I can still function. My only issue is my tailbone is killing me! Any suggestions? Can't wait for day 3!

  14. Sabine Elisabeth - Plantbased in Austria

    wonderful peaceful lesson! thank you! And for me i like those colour waaaay better than the all blue but that´s just personal taste :-)

  15. Proudgurlever A.

    You are simply AMAZING!!! I love all your videos

  16. Nomthandazo Twala

    Doing day 3 and its fantastic… I m loving YOGA

  17. Hi Courtney, u look good in both, but the 2 tone one looks fab on u. I have a question, am 42 years old and lately i have been checking my Blood pressure, its gone upto 151 by77  and I started following your wt loose day 1 and day 2 completed today and i will doing day 3 tomorrow. now these yoga poses in the video, are they suposed to be followed in a pttern as 1,2 and 3 or random would also benefit and how long do we do this …..

  18. I am on day two and am loving it and feeling good! Thanks :)

  19. where is day 3?

  20. I can't find day 3 :( could you please link it to me? x

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