Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout!

Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout!

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  1. i only got into 6 mins into it because the talking too much got me pissed

  2. This was so great! You are so funny too which further enlightened the practice. When you snorted I was laughing so hard. My abs thank you hehe.

  3. I went to a job interview last week, when they asked what I like to do outside of work, I mentioned that I'm really enjoying doing yoga at home. The female boss asked me the name of the video and I told her. I didn't get the job and now I regret telling her my yoga secret ?

  4. I enjoyed this very much! Thank you

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  6. Thanks Adriene. :) Awesome sequence.

  7. Anudari Altangerel

    she is so great and wonderful, just talks little bit too much and the breathing out is so loud kinda annoying. but the rest is amazing.

  8. I am really enjoying going back to the Yoga For Weight Loss series. I follow the flow and it feels a lil' different each time. Very rewarding!

  9. The best yoga experience I have ever had! Entertaining, effective and refreshing. Thank you!

  10. Would you recommend this for beginners?

  11. Rakchanok Rachel Buasuwan

    you're a funny and relaxed teacher 555+ nice learning tips with you xx

  12. You're my hero! I'm 23, 4' 11", 220lbs. The thought of yoga just seemed impossible to me. A week with you, starting with the 40min workout for beginners and yesterday I got through this video. It was difficult, I was swearing at you but I did it. Today I was too sore to feel up to doing this again and went back to the beginners video. The thought that I still felt strong enough to do another 40min workout is a testament to how encouraging you are. I haven't worked out in 2 years but with you I'm actually excited to do it and I don't feel like I'm forcing myself. I love that feeling.

    Thank you so much girl! <3

  13. I am overweight and I want to start doing your exercises plus walking exercises cos I am a beginner, just simple faster walking. Does it matter that I am completely out of shape, should I go through every step or are there some "special" first timers exercises? Thank you anyway, I really like you channel and the way you are presenting all of this :).

  14. Thank you Adriene, Feeling great after doing this 40 minute weight loss, you are fabulous. x

  15. okay, I just started practicing yoga I have nothing against her its just the talking gets a bit annoying. and the loud breathing… its really hard to concentrate

  16. love this workout. Its my go-to yoga workout. Thanks so much Adriene!!

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  18. This was great, I found it quite hard, but near the end I could feel the benefits!

  19. antonella bellettini

    After finishing with the 20 days of yoga, I decided to give this session a try !!
    First day and I was sweating all out!!

  20. I've done a lot of your videos, Adriene.  All the thirty days and many more over the last couple months but this one was no good for me.  Left me feeling lightheaded and upset and gave my yoga partner husband a headache.  Also really noticed a difference in the quality of your teacher/videos between the old videos – love the new ones so much more.  But this was my first fail.

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