Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga For Relaxation

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  1. im like putty right now.. damn. so relaxing

  2. that was soooo good after a long day! thank you!
    could you show the fish pose by any chance? your videos are amazinnggggg

  3. Would love to bang this chick..she's unreal ???

  4. Adriene, thank you for sharing your yoga knowledge with us.
    I love it, really!
    Thanks again :)

  5. My fav vid of yours so far! Thanks so much ∞

  6. You are just so awesome! Only yoga teacher on YouTube that I've stuck with! Inspiring Adriene! :D

  7. Daniela van Nassauw

    Thank you so's 23:09 now here and I needed this just before going to sleep. Night night <3

  8. Rebecca Constantino

    SOMETIMES i have a hard time staying in sync with you and it throws  me off. Super frustrating and im watching it on my laptop on my floor so its like i have to reposition it every few minutes. For beginner classes do you think you can slow it down literally 3 seconds? Just a suggestion. I know you get a million of these.

  9. Full lotus

  10. Super relaxing! I felt pretty sluggish before, but this got me relaxed and kind of energized.

  11. Thank you

  12. I cant believe how good I feel after that! So much more relaxed – I feel like some weight has really been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you so much Adrienne – I love your videos x

  13. I love the postures in the video, it really helps to relax but I found the wide legs posture to be difficult. Also, I don't mean to be rude but when you talk through a video like this, it's a bit difficult to relax. If you could just talk to walk us through the postures, I think it would be better. Anyways, thank you for making videos!

  14. First I almost cried happy tears after letting the day go then I almost fell asleep because I felt so at peace. Namaste <3

  15. Oh my god. I feel so good. I was in a crappy mood before this video, thank you so much for putting this out. 

  16. Awesome video. 

  17. Today is my 15th day after finally restarting yoga after a long break and I can already feel the difference even though I only do the very easy sequences (the short yoga sequence for beginners, the bedtime sequence and this one) every 2-3 days. My joints are a lot more open, my ligaments a lot softer; I can stretch further and I can hold poses longer (stretch-wise and muscle-wise). My mental health and outlook on life has also improved. It's amazing! Thank you, Adriene, for again taking me on this journey of finding what feels good to me (I love your motto – that's the kind of yoga I want in my life)! I'm convinced that having a yoga teacher that just 'gets you' is very important and you are that teacher to me ♥

  18. Oh my.., Adriene. You are my Favorite stranger :)

  19. You talk too much defeating the purpose. All we need is your instruction. Thank you

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