Yoga for Relaxation with Ashley Sky Litecky by Connie Bowman

Yoga for Relaxation with Ashley Sky Litecky by Connie Bowman

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  1. Namaste <3

  2. This is amazing I always feel so relaxed even after using this video more than 30 times.I even downloaded the video to my kindle I still get new benefits from engaging in this yoga.My anxiety and depression are thankful for this practice…namaste

  3. That was exactly what I needed. I feel relaxed, sleepy, and lengthened. Namaste.

  4. Take time to relax and center yourself at the end of the day.

  5. This was so perfect and great, exactly what I needed this morning.  Thanks Ashley

  6. A beautifully relaxing yoga routine that you would be able to follow if you were a beginner

  7. Love this. Thank you so much <3

  8. It seems as if the video was edited sometime in the last week. The music no longer comes in at the beginning, and the volume level occasionally drops. Is it possible that an older, pre-editing version was recently uploaded by mistake? Great video for beginners like my wife and I :)

  9. This yoga routine is absolute sublime! Total relaxation and incredibly healing from the inside out. Thank you Connie. Namaste.

  10. thanks,this helped me a lot. it was perfect

  11. Thank you so much for this routine. You saved my life today. I feel completely relaxed. Namaste.

  12. and Ashley

  13. Thank you Connie.

  14. Wow, I haven't felt this good in ages! This is officially my favorite Yoga! Namaste <3

  15. Grenaille Downton

    Dear Connie, thank you very much for this video. It helps me tremendously, my skin is now clear after months of doing this routine to relax my mind. I also feel  less pain in my body and find it easier to center my thoughts during the day. Thank you <3

  16. I've always struggled with lower back pain and tension in my neck. This video targets both of those areas in such effective ways. Thank you so much for making quality yoga accessible to everyone!

  17. thank you!!

  18. Wonderful session. Calm relaxing music. Thanks !

  19. What style of yoga is this

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