Yoga for Relaxation, 20 Minute Beginners Home Stretch Routine- Pain Relief Flexibility How to Relax

Yoga for Relaxation, 20 Minute Beginners Home Stretch Routine- Pain Relief Flexibility How to Relax

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  1. This helps so much. Thank you!

  2. I have just discovered Cindie's videos after trying several others, and hers are my favorite!!! Thank you! I really enjoyed this video today. It was so relaxing even with a toddler running around, jumping, screaming, and climbing on me. But the best part was when my little one joined in for a couple of poses :) Will be coming back for more!

  3. Love this video! And yes, I am often worried and afraid of whatever and this does help!

  4. Love this!

  5. Cindie is my favorite instructor I have found thus far on psychetruth!  Love her narration, it always communicates to me.  Thank you!

  6. This is great video 

  7. Before I started this yoga session I felt overwhelmed with life and was close to my breaking point.After completing your session I feel relaxed,more focused,and prepared for what comes next.Thank you.You're a amazing instructor and person.

  8. This is the best relaxing yoga I have ever literally made me laugh out loud unexpextedly..just what I needed.   All of my tension let  go in bubbles of laughter! Thank you so very much

  9. As a chronic pain sufferer I couldn't make it through all the exercises…. But I tried and I'm going to use this video everyday until I can finish the whole thing :) 

  10. I felt really good after thisand its my second time actually trying out yoga thank you so much i'll return to more of your videos

  11. Markus Dreßen Guitar

    What?? No feet-comments??? 😛
    I really expected that, since they are outstanding! Not that I have a fetish, but this is suuuuch a sexy part of a female body!!! :)

  12. Sometimes I need to change a video because the voice does not calm me, but yours is so soothing and I like that u reminded me to smile :) Thank you for this video

  13. Amazing

  14. That was amaaazing! Thank you so much :)

  15. im 12 and my mom is very spirutual. she mediatates all the time. so i went to youtube and found your video. i have never looked back. lol

  16. What is the title for the music playing in this session…it's so beautiful especially incorporating with this session

  17. You are awesome , thanks for the relaxing practice !! 

  18. just fantastic

  19. I never understood what the big deal about yoga is until watching this video today. My body thanks you!

  20. Thank you

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