Yoga for Neck Pain

Yoga for Neck Pain

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  1. Thank You☺

  2. my wife is suffering from neack pain last one month it is help to us thank u.

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  4. All I can say is with my neck sitting cross legged makes the excersize useless for me but standing up with tight belly, especially the lower works a charm. I hope this helps people : )

  5. Archana Purandare

    i have neck problem since last 5-6 years ..i consult to dr. but he given me painkiller n told me to maintain proper body posture .. what is proper body posture ..please help me this neck pain make my life hell …

  6. Heal Yourself! That's how I think, that's why I use this wonderful mobile app

  7. Poorna Chandra Rao

    Thanks for everyone

  8. Wow!! Too Much Sexy Yoga!!!!!

  9. here are some basic yoga for neck pain.

  10. very simple ones to follow

  11. great practice! thanks!

  12. It works..Thanks

  13. Jalapati Rao Thopcherla

    These are very useful& simple Excercises

  14. Thanx for good information

  15. It works…thank you YOGA…

  16. It helps thanks I would hv paid you but still thanks

  17. Simply one of the best of beautiful girls I have ever seen. Best she does yoga too … wow ! :)

  18. Good and useful video must practice it.Watching on U-Tube will not help.Thanks.

  19. secretorganisation

    much englightening video


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