Yoga for Happiness and Relaxation

Yoga for Happiness and Relaxation

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  1. So helpful and relaxing!! Thank you very much :]

  2. That was so helpful and such a beautiful practice. Thank you for making this video ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Claire Lou (GardenFaery)

    beautiful practise many thanks <3

  4. Natalie Griffiths

    One of my very favourite yoga videos. Thank you!

  5. Really enjoyed that.  Thank you!

  6. SleepDroid Studios

    We were just in Sedona.  Nice video.  I love it there.  I want to go back up there and make some nice recordings of Oak Creek for our channel.  So peaceful.

  7. Thank you so much, this was beautiful.

  8. Breanna Dobitas (Disenchanted)

    Thanks! This video was so relaxing. 

  9. Your video is great, you are an excellent teacher. Thanks, for the effort.

  10. Mireya Pinell-Cruz

    I like your energy and the simplicity of your words. I really took to heart your message of being joyful and thanking your own heart and being for transcending itself into a state of happiness. Namaste.  

  11. Jeez, you're beautiful 😀
    And a good teacher, too!

  12. Rickstafari passthedutch

    I don't even know if you see this Ashley but thank you for being you :) a wonderful gentile relaxing class in a beautiful place thanks you little light worker you ;)

  13. Love this vid! Check out what's hot in health & wellness at Mind Body Go!

  14. Thank you so much for this video. I am always in a state of bliss during and after. I love the setting, the music, your voice and all the helpful info you interspliced as you were doing the movements. I hope you do more of these videos, especially in nature. Just wonderful!

  15. any1 know where the sitting-bones' phrase comes from?

  16. you/she is such a good teacher and inspirer and we thank you for taking the time to do this in the desert. Namaste and Jah bless

  17. Kaya Yoga Therapy

    I love your videos :-) Please check out my channel too, you might like it!



  18. Thank you so much…Namaste.

  19. I loved it… thank you very much…<3

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