Yoga For Complete Beginners – Relaxation & Flexibility Stretches 15 Minute Yoga Workout

Yoga For Complete Beginners – Relaxation & Flexibility Stretches 15 Minute Yoga Workout

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  1. Thank you for this video. Yoga has always seemed intimidating to me. I'm not flexible, and I have a lot of soreness and tension in my back. This workout was a good combination of relaxing and challenging, and I imagine the routine will become easier as I continue to try it. Thanks again!

  2. Kanchana Dolapihilla

    m ira i realy like ur yoga calss thanks again i'm lerning soorya namaskaraya,thanmks tc

  3. Would you consider making some videos for yoga teachers or those who are keen to teach yoga to others? Some helpful tips will be awesome.

  4. Yes I like your videos, always relaxing, and bringing back the meaning of yoga exerciese. So many videos out there are all about getting into very advanced postures, which is not so easily attainable for most people. I truly appreciate your videos. The music is always so peaceful. Thumbs up!!

  5. This is my very first time doing Yoga, I wanted to take my lifestyle to the next level, and i noticed, I am stiff as a board. I searched Yoga for beginners, and found this video, Much respect, it was harder than i thought. thanks for making videos,  i will continue to follow your work. PS the hair loos great, you are both beautiful :) Nameste, and have a great day :) peace

  6. Really helped, can't wait to get more advanced. I subscribed because I found your voice comforting and your tips very helpful.

  7. I loved the video. I found it kinda of weird that she asked about her hair, but oh well. It was very relaxing and juts the right amount of challenging. The hair is nice by the way. Thanks for the workout.

  8. Hi ladies. I am a dedicated powerlifter, however, I'm 185lbs. I'm not jacked, more on the athletic side. Is this routine geared for people like myself or do you have another video that is better suited? Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

  9. hahaha if anyone noticed my hair… terrible

  10. Thank you was very helpful.

  11. Please can you do sequences quicker…I can not hold for that long,as a Complete Beginner

  12. Kanchana Dolapihilla

    i love ur yoga techinh thanks alot

  13. mihiranga sarangu

    Wanna fck those two butts omg?

  14. is having a cameltoe required?

  15. you girls are beautiful thanks for sharing

  16. This was great, this was my first time doing yoga and i loved it.

  17. You are really amazing..Thanks for everything you do.Great Job? keep it Please ?

  18. Pick up some litter. 

  19. That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today my granny and I did yoga for the first time.So cool.

  20. danielle ballantyne

    She sounds 

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