Yoga for Complete Beginners – 30 minute Yoga Class

Yoga for Complete Beginners – 30 minute Yoga Class

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  1. I've just skimmed through the video and I think this is a beginner yoga session I can actually do, looking forward to try it!

  2. Thank you for that. I have never tried Yoga, and that was a wonderful introduction. It was serene, informative, and just easy enough for a beginner with athletic background. I think I'm going to participate in this video many times over. Thank you.

  3. For a beginner, the background (blending in with the man and his colours/clothing) was too-much. Contrast for position-instruction is key. Otherwise, this is my first day into this program from the 15 minute 'for complete beginners'! WooHoo…day 18 and I'm still at it!!

  4. Hi, I have a dumb question. My family and I are split on this question. Does it actually rain in your video or is it fake?

  5. +SeanVigueFitness it's not my back that feels tight during forward fold, but my legs. The back of my legs are super tight. Normal for a guy? Doing the butterfly stretch they're really tight too. Suggestions on how to limber up those muscles in particular? Thanks, love the man-yoga videos!

  6. Second time doing this one,really like it.

  7. Great video Sean, I'm doing it very often to stretch and relax after a strenuous day. The music is very relaxing also and I think it's a vital part of the exercise. Why your other videos are without music?

  8. Great stuff, I'm a complete novice but can't stop doing just this class.. Thank you SeanVigueFitness. p.s. is it normal to have a series of cracks during spinal twist or the triangle one? Peace.

  9. Crystal Moo Gaming Channel

    I am cured from my office syndrome because of your sunrise yoga 1-2.

    It change my life. I am grateful, thank you very much.

  10. Hi, can i practise this yoga excercise to improve my form on the squat & deadlift ?

  11. Great day starter, thanks Sean!

  12. What is the soundtrack please 

  13. I just want to thank you. I have meningitis and it seemed nothing helped to get me back to myself, until I started watching your videos. I don't go a day without them now and feel great!! Thank you again!

  14. Hi sean.. Nice to watch your video. Its a big help for us. I want to ask u weather this routine if i do regularly can make me fit. I mean flat belly, lower back fat and love handles.. Thanx in adv.. 

  15. this fiverr gig is a fantastic supplement to anyone who wants to lead this kind of lifestyle

    just saying

  16. Hi Sean, sometimes a little bit more instruction on when you should be breathing in and out on the exercises would be cool.

    Fantastic workouts though!

  17. hello dear, there is basic difference between  in yoga for men and women????pls reply soon !!!!!!!! dear

  18. As a senior (63) with multiple bicycle injuries, I really appreciate your slow and gentle approach to this beginner's class.  My only difficulty was that the sound is mixed pretty low, so it was hard to hear you (I'm not hard of hearing). I was having to look up when I'd have preferred to keep my head down. But the pace and challenge level were perfect for me.  Thank you.

  19. Sunrise #1? Is there a

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