Yoga for Beginners with Kino

Yoga for Beginners with Kino

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  1. Great! Every day a new practice is just wonderful… Namaste!

  2. Brittany Anderson

    I love your videos Kino! They are incredible way to practice at home. I have a fairly stiff spine that I'm having trouble lengthening. Can there be a video with poses that emphasize opening the upper back and allow lengthening through the mid and lower?

  3. Barbara Kingfisher

    Hi, Kino!
    Your words are greatly inspiring, calming , intuitive , restorative and giving such peace. To the body, but to mind as well. I'm often way ahead of myself, and thinking in the lines of – I want to be able to do that, or – when will I be able to do that?! But your words ground me, make me reflect and just calm me down and make me to simply be; to breathe. So, thank you for that. Love your beginners series for, even though I have been practicing on and off for a few years, I have only just started doing it seriosly every day for about four months. Took up classes and absolutely loving it.
    My weakest aereas are hips and shoulders. I'm very constricted there, so could you post a video where you would show how to work on those?
    Thank you!

  4. lalit mohan singh

    feeling relaxed and calm after performing these asanas

  5. simply amazing ❤❤

  6. Thank you for taking the time to make these, your words are super inspiring. You make me want to learn so much more!

  7. Charlotte Aludo

    Hi there! i'm a new fan here..hands down to u miss. You instantly inspired me to add yoga to my fitness routine right the very first video i watched of yours. I only liked to do training at the gym but now i am more than motivated to do yoga everyday. I am a gym junkie but i might ditch that for now because of you. It's a compliment btw :) Your core strength is superb..and definitely my goal now. And probably because i find you are a good instructor as well which makes the new discovery for me more exciting. Thank you for sharing! You are such a blessing!! :)

  8. I was doing another video and this came up so I thought, hey, you can always do a beginner series again! This resulted in my first successful lift! Thank you Kino! Never thought this day would come :)

  9. Sylvia Portillo

    Would really love to see you do a Yoga for Menstruation video! Don't think you have one out yet. Your imput on this would be nice as there are alot of conflicting information and beliefs out there.

  10. I've been drawn to yoga for quite a few months. This was the first lesson I've tried and I actually cried at the end.. I can't thank you enough for the gift.. I'm still sitting on my mat while writing this comment.. ????

  11. i'm 13 and i love yoga i do it every morning i always watch one of your videos you are my idol!!:)


  13. Thank you for this video. I've been searching for a yoga YouTube channel with info for beginners and this was an awesome video. Today was my first day of practice and although it felt stiff and unforgiving your comment about non judgment really hit home! ???? You're a great teacher.

  14. Hi Kino! Thanks for this video! You are such an inspiration to me. I want to ask you what can I do to release the pressure on the coxis in Navasana, is it normal to feel pain in this asana or may be am i doing something wrong?

  15. Your videos have helped me on my journey to healing and self love. Now I can give healing and love and my days are lighter. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  16. Loved this practice. I especially like your tips such as which was to rotate the shoulders and reminders to create space. Always so helpful! xx

  17. Kathryn Griffin

    Thank you Kino !!!!!!! It is as close to having my own yoga teacher as I will be able to have. Please keep them coming and I would like to know more about your daily practice and your advice on continuing to build upper body strength. THANK YOU !!!

  18. Thanks for the video! I'm still working on flexibility in my legs and hips, I'm very tight in those areas. 

  19. What a fantastic routine. Do you have tips on lengthening the quads and hamstrings? I really struggle with getting my heels down in dog and my forward folds require a large bend in the knee.

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