Yoga for Beginners : Pranayamas

Yoga for Beginners : Pranayamas

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  1. OMMMMMMmmmmmm

  2. Good stuff. I could do without the music which just obfuscates the lesson. Lose the music or at least turn it way down.

  3. Be genres best solution

  4. thanks

  5. this is for my Runchi Kkimi 

  6. Sreeja Rajiv Pisharody

    hello sir,
    I'm a beginner in YOGA, i'm starting due to my fat body post delivery. Which all yoga aasans should i do to reduce the fat from tummy n face n arms.? expecting a reply :-)

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  8. Николай Веденеев

    Nice, but .I did -20 lbs past 1 week.More here

  9. very good for health

  10. Hi! I'm Alyssa.I did -30 lbs in one week.Open

  11. I can't get words, can't understand this english, so sorry

  12. really very helpful….

  13. yogaallianceintern11


  14. thank you, this video has been very useful for me:)

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