Yoga For Beginners – 30 Minute Home Yoga Workout || Flexibility & Relaxation

Yoga For Beginners – 30 Minute Home Yoga Workout || Flexibility & Relaxation

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  1. Ok, so yesterday I exercised following the instructions of this video, and today I used this one by the same instructor I believe. What are the differences? This is my first time doing yoga ever so I'd like to know which one I should do. Maybe even vary them.
    I really enjoyed doing them both btw

  2. Hi! I really enjoyed this. I did it this evening after days of feeling crappy and I feel better. I plan on continuing this everyday. I neglected my yoga for months only sporadically dipping in and out. But right now I need and want to do it and intend on doing it regularly. I loved it!
    One thing though, I found this hard at a few spots and although I'm overweight I'm not completely inflexible – some of the rotations especially when down on one knee were really hard, as in you could easily pull a muscle. So while it says beginners it is definitely tough going. I would say if you are a total beginner and very tight then perhaps drop some asanas or put in lighter variations.

  3. First time user of Utube Yoga. Very helpful. Mahalo!

  4. Absolutely LOVED this session!!  PERFECT for beginners who really want to learn yoga!!

  5. Awesome awesome awesome

  6. I've done this routine every morning for a few weeks now, and it's just great. I'm getting more and more flexible and stronger.

  7. Gillian Shannon

    Due to illness I've been away from yoga for about three months due to illness, so this was probably the best session I could have chosen; its was a gentle but challenging session.  So thank you Cole, you are a wonderful teacher and I'll certainly be back to this session and progress onto your other sessions over the next few weeks.

  8. I have practiced yoga for many years under diverse instructors and I loved this video! Thank you, Cole. Namaste, mi amiga. Cuídate.

  9. I'm 65 and have been trying some of your videos.  I can do them (mostly) right along with you!  I feel better already after only a week.  Will definitely continue.  I try to do a little different thing each day to maximize the effect.

  10. Geacias!

  11. Amy “Fruity” Lou

    Ive done quite a few yoga beginner sessions, and i am was pleasantly surprised about a few of the poses you had us go into. I will definitely do this session again! two thumbs up

  12. NTV Nutrinional Energy

    Excellent practice. Specially in the morning if you want to weak up a bit more energy in your body. It gives you a sensation of relief after you finish. Thanks Cole/Yoga TX!

  13. I really don't know anything about yoga, but I wanted to try it and this video was awesome and easy enough for me. I didn't think I was flexible anymore, but I was proven wrong. I'll be watching this video every morning. Thank you!


    I was doing the workout where you stated you'd feel it most in your lower back but I felt it in my back thigh.. (the routine where you have one leg out and you have your other foot touching your thigh). Did I do it wrong or would I feel it there because I'm overweight? I'm trying to lose weight and to do that I want to try yoga…I just hope I do it right 

  15. Elizabeth Faraone

    this was too hard for me … I'm too tight

  16. jemma indigo reynolds

    we love cole and watch/follow this video once a week, love it :)

  17. Cole is my favorite Yoga TX Instructor. I do one of her videos every evening. Particularly the two for back pain. Thank you!

  18. Flavia Monteiro

    I really like it!

  19. YogaTX  have been practicing your sessions, I have a muscle along right side of spine between shoulder blades and almost to lower back I cannot get the tension out any suggestions? thanks you for your vids

  20. Maritza Phillips


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