Yoga for Beginners – 10 Minute Beginner Yoga Workout

Yoga for Beginners – 10 Minute Beginner Yoga Workout

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  1. Change the music please, awful!!!

  2. Phyllis Ilene Turner

    Do this one over without the distracting loud music!  I can barely follow what you're saying.  UGH.  I wanted to introduce my husband to Yoga with this video but that music is hideous and VERY distracting.  Otherwise, this looks like a good place for someone to start.

  3. this is not  a bigenner yoga its a mix of intermediate and other yoga

  4. HappinessHunter157

    Thanks for this upload. I reckon after some practise I'll have this on point. I'm fairly new to yoga but this is a good starter.

  5. That music in the background is the same as Marty Schwartz training DVD's lol

  6. Check out this video on YouTube

  7. KatalystProductions

    I pretty much use this every day & I am in no way a beginner, been doing yoga for years — BUT guys, the narration/instruction is too fast!! I don't even have time to take 1/2 a breath, let alone 2 or more to really enjoy the flow. It kind of ruins the effect.

  8. the moves are easy but she goes so fast, not concentrating on the moves and on the breathing

  9. This video is now on my playlist for yoga. Its the most basic, thorough video Ive found yet for sun salutations. THANKS!

  10. That was really good. You do need to slow down a little but not to much. Don't make it easy on us. But just so you know I will be subscribing. Thank you. PS the music was fine.

  11. ugh, what's with the music? Terrible. 

  12. This is definitely not for beginners. Much too fast. Great poses but just not for someone just starting out. 

  13. video would be better without the music

  14. Hi there. I like the steps, but it's way too fast and does make it kind of stressful. Not enough time to inhale and exhale on each step. Also be mindful of being more descriptive when you are asking for people's heads to be down, as they cannot be watching at that time.

  15. Good vid however she talks too fast

  16. Super!!! Its easier than it looks. I feel amazing great teacher. Thanx!!!!

  17. This video was a little too fast for me.

  18. I think this is a lovely soft sequence -you don't have to take it as fast as shown. Slow it down to fit in with you. All the poses shown are in beginners yoga classes – difference is the teacher is there to give you personal modifications. If you are familiar with the poses then it is fine for all levels. Maybe should be titled "yoga for beginners who have attended a yoga class'….? we are all beginners on some level!! :0)

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