Yoga Facial Exercise : How to Reduce Mouth Wrinkles, Laugh Lines – VitaLife Show Episode 126

Yoga Facial Exercise : How to Reduce Mouth Wrinkles, Laugh Lines – VitaLife Show Episode 126

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  1. found really helpful… thank u very much

  2. I'm only 14 and I have laugh lines but this video really helped. Thank you so much!???

  3. the puffer fish is also good for teeth grinding and clenching

  4. Editing skills on fleek

  5. Good video and also helpful. If you want to get rid of wrinkles …in my opinion, you need to use a dermaroller, and after a dermaroller treatment, you must apply coconut oil on your face. 
    The derma roller is a cheap tool that is simply amazing, cause it increases collagen production and helps rejuvenate skin. I got mine from Amazon for only $16 and the results were amazing. Here’s a video that explains in detail how to use it. The women also gives for free her recipe for homemade face lotion. I tried it and works great  Watch the video here . Hope this helps 

  6. Thanks

  7. thank you!  well done. do you have an exercise for upper lip wrinkles?  thanks

  8. What about eye wrinkles on the sides and underneath.

  9. I usually have a beard to hide my laugh lines… I have had them since 14 and have always hated them. Thanks for the video.

  10. Do you want to feel pain while on the road to becoming beautiful? Now, why would you want that when there's a safer treatment?

  11. If I'm consistent with these exercises, can I achive to have my smile lines eliminated for good?

  12. Drink water, use a skin cleanser and Sleep on your back. One of my wrinkles are going away. I'm doing good 

  13. i m 23 many days/months i need to do this exercise for reducing  my laugh lines???please reply?

  14. Thank you…..

  15. I got them at 10. I'm 14 now and determined to get rid of them as I'm fed up witht the teasing, will this help??

  16. christymotherfuckers

    this is awesome! im 35 and can tell a differece as well after the first excercise! thanks so much! will continue to do this every day . Thanks again! :)

  17. Does this work for oral commissures?

  18. How am I suppose to believe this works when they women doing them look like she has trenches for laugh lines……. Seriously nobody notices how insanely deep hers are? How old is she?


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