Yoga, Exercise, Meditation: Strength in Stillness | Full 30-Minute Home Yoga Routine for Beginners

Yoga, Exercise, Meditation: Strength in Stillness | Full 30-Minute Home Yoga Routine for Beginners

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  1. Excellent… can't wait to see more, namaste!!

  2. I feel this is one of your best yoga sessions! I needed to find my strength in my poses, and feel like sometimes I am not in the correct pose when it moves too swiftly. Thanks again for another great workout (while my kid naps 😉 ) !

  3. Day 3 done of my SOS reboot. After doing workouts #1 and #2, and running yesterday, I am so sore! This was very helpful to warm up my muscles and get my body moving today. Our running schedule was thrown off by inclement weather, so we're supposed to run again today. I'm glad I had this to limber me up a little before taking that on. Thanks for such a great challenge!

  4. I thought this would be a relieve boy was I wrong it was great and challenging

  5. loved this workout, couldn't manage side plank though, must be doing it wrong.

  6. Jessica Blanchard

    That was so great, I was right there- until my little one got up early and wanted breakfast! I finished though and somehow feel so much lighter.

  7. Week 1 day 3 now complete as well

  8. Margarita Radford

    I feel so good after this but it was so hard to stay still! Lol Thank you! 

  9. Perfect for stretching out my sore muscles! Thank you Jessica x

  10. Done with Day 3 of #SummerofStrength! I needed that stretch.

  11. This was great.  I am a little discouraged but I will not give in but I may have to tweak.  I guess I am out of shape even though I do exercise often.  I am still so sore from day 1 I can barely sit or get up.  I needed today just to get some of the soreness out!  I am not sure I will be able to do the day 4.  How should I improvise?  Do some of week 2?  I will take a look and see if I can swap.

  12. It's been a crazy busy week so I haven't checked in with you here but I've worked out every day. This one was fantastic after the last two #SummerofStrength challenge days!

  13. Very relaxing!! Perfect flow for my remaining soreness from day #1 and #2.

  14. I am also still sore from the leg workout. Happy to do this calm workout tonight! Thanks!

  15. Day 3 of #SummerofStrength challenge day 3 – complete! I don't remember doing this routine before but I really enjoyed this exercise. I think I'm starting to like yoga. Thanks for that Jessica, you don't make it seem so intimidating like I used to believe it to be.

  16. day 3 of week one my workout was yoga exercise mediation this was a great workout it really showed me how strong i am and how much more work i need to do.

  17. Naomi Barraclough

    #SummerOfStrength  Day 3!

    Wasn't able to fit it in to my schedule last night before bed, so woke up early to do it this morning.  Wonderful way to start the day :) I'll be doing Day 4 tonight as long as my toddler cooperates lol

  18. #SOS day 3 done!  Boy, was I stiff!  This stretch was just what I needed to get everything in working order for the day.

  19. day 3 of #summerofstrength  done ! Relaxing day

  20. Day 3 #SummerofStrenth  in the books. Great stretch before a busy couple days at work.

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