Weight Loss Yoga – Total Body Workout

Weight Loss Yoga – Total Body Workout

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  1. my palms hurt

  2. I am not flexible so have never liked yoga before Yoga with Adriene! Thanks for your upbeat teaching allowing for stiff people like me options to be able to succeed. Thank you! Thank you!

  3. God bless you… doing a great job.

  4. Love you so much Adriene.This is amazing.Thank you so much for being you …

  5. I enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks for making my Sunday relaxing–been having a stressful week.

  6. Thank you, Adriene :)

  7. wow, this was my test to see if i was ready for a public class. Almost. I made 46 mins I will just keep working. I am loving the practice of yoga.

  8. you're so cute I just love you! I'm going to do all of your videos!

  9. Ohh, i am so proud of myself right now. I tried this video a while ago, but i just gave up. Now, today, i have worked my way through the whole video :) !!

  10. Great workout!!

  11. I don't want to use my whole name on Youtube. Infact, fuck Youtube!

    I have a question,  is it better to do this workout every day, or set for each day of the week one of the videos from this yoga for weight loss plan? im just looking for the more effective way…

  12. Catherine Strandberg

    You are the best Adriene!! My yogapractise is getting better thanks 2 you. / xoxo

  13. Claire Lou (GardenFaery)

    Just seen my comment again from last year – this still felt like a great sequence and now following/using your new vids – keep up the good work Adriene <3

  14. Yarn This! Podcast

    This was quite a challenge!! But I feel amazing!! Thank you so much, Adriene!! I can feel the changes in my body and my mind!! I'm definitely able to push myself further!  I think breathing is the key!!

  15. I loved this video thanks! Got a good workout and destressed at the same time. Thank you so much. I'm so glad to have found your videos because the part of South Africa where I live is pretty isolated so no classes available

  16. Thank you for being such a great instructor!! I started with the very beginner, worked my way through the 30 day  – in 30 days and now I continue my journey with you and yoga. You are helping me achieve my goals and do what feels good. :)

  17. absolutely LOVE all of your videos!

  18. Great workout

  19. OMG The kisses from Blue were perfect. I have an Aussie (shepherd) and he is a part of my daily practice. Love it and LOVE all your videos. Thank you! 

  20. Did the 30 day challenge, and still going.  Your videos are helping improve my circulation! Thanks a bunch and keep up the amazing work!

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