Tree Pose – Vrksasana – Yoga With Adriene

Tree Pose – Vrksasana – Yoga With Adriene

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  1. I love your videos, great explanation, totally useful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I am a beginner and I would like to master this pose. I loved how detailed you are in your instructions, but do you have any tips for fining balance. I dont have balance in either foot, so doing this pose is supper difficult. Any pointers?

  3. Oh your dog is so sweet I just started laughing when he came to yoga too :D

  4. You can just put foot bottom of the leg if you have pants on

  5. Adriene you talk to much just show it not talk to much!

  6. Hi Adriene. i'm really struggling with my feet. After standing on 1 foot for a minute or two it really starts to hurt. My feet are very flat. i don't have an arche. Are there exercises i can do to train my feet? Because now i can't hardly do any balance poses. Thanks

  7. You are amazing! Thank you So much!

  8. I am very new to yoga and have loved all of your videos that I have watched! I was just wondering if it was normal for the grounded foot to shake when you first start to do this pose? Like I feel like I am just not very stable yet and very shakey.

  9. I know it's late in the day but I just have to say so far this series has been so so helpful! Feel much more connected to my poses and general posture and it's been great for helping me see things differently and to approach them in more fruitful ways! Thanks Adriene!! You da bomb! ;)

  10. stupid question: how do I know if i'm breathing through the different body parts?

  11. Thank you Adriene and your video makers. I am 62 and did a fair bit of yoga in my 20's and early 30's. I have just this week begun again attending a class twice a week and following along with your video's each morning. It is easing my moments of anxiety and depression. I thank you again and hope I can stick with it.

  12. LesConseilsdeSylvie

    J'adore +Yoga With Adriene Elle explique super bien et est agréable à suivre !

  13. Amazing  video !! I love your technique on how to get into Vrksasana It really helped me ! thank you .. keep up the good work

  14. i m in love with this pose… but its in no way easy to balance..  
    thank you for your free videos

  15. Hey Adriene, I am loving your channel it makes so much sense of the slightly intimidating world of yoga! with this particular pose I get a lot of pain in my left hip. I suffer from intermittent sciatica pain in that hip and have always had trouble with it. I am just wondering is it something that will improve with time or will it get worse if I persist? :)

  16.  Was finally able to come into a proper tree pose and hold for 5 whole seconds!!! Not very long, I know, but it's progress <3 Balance and strength growing with every practice.

  17. kenandlynd “Midwestbirds” Bradford

    I for one thank you for taking the time to share for free yoga.  I am benefiting from all of this.  no worries.

  18. I never really had any balance and I tend to carry more weight on one side of my body, and I never really thought that I was good at it. Whenever I would take yoga classes I would dread doing the standing poses because I would be off balance and feel embarrassed. But your video really helped! I always thought I just did not have that strong of a core, but what you said about lengthening up the spine is what I have been missing I swear! all of a sudden I can balance THANK YOU!! 

  19. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    Blue is the star of this show. 

  20. Foundations of yoga, you are the bomb! For about six years, I've sucked at tree pose, and when I decided to go basic and check out this video, it made me light years better. Thanks, Adriene. .

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