Top 10 Beginner Yoga Poses – Online Yoga Classes

Top 10 Beginner Yoga Poses – Online Yoga Classes

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  1. I just became a member. I love the you tube convenience. How do I sync my computer to my flat screen so I can have a better vision of the Transformation program? I have HDMI and PC inputs. TIA. – Namaste.

  2. Very detailed and simple explanation

  3. Excellent!

  4. why do you talk so much

  5. Just started a Yoga class.  Pretty lost.  These pose demonstrations were very helpful

  6. this was a great workout to do at work!!

  7. That was the most beautiful down dog I've ever seen. 

  8. I'm a beginner what pose do u suggest I do?

  9. Thanks enjoying all the eye candy while im trying to learn da yogas ;D

  10. Creepy

  11. Hi guys, I am a beginner and I have a question. Once I had an injury on my right ankle and it makes my right foot point a little outwards, so I find it hard balancing on my right leg when doing the Tree pose. Is it ok if I do the pose with the natural position of my right foot?

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