Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout

Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout

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  1. lovely workout. thank you!

  2. Loved it! Thank you!!!

  3. so i just visited california, and after years of following this routine now and then, I can finally recognize the location! Joshua Tree National Park is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Please Befit do another full length yoga workout with Tara Stiles I love the flow of her workouts!!

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  6. Fab work out, as always Tara. You are such a fab teacher…love !
    To everyone who is talking &/ or complaining about the ads…I know that they can be annoying, I get it,you're totally in it & then BAM!! BUT, the ads are paid for by the companies & it is how Youtube is free. GRATEFUL:))

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  8. Илья Лесников

  9. Damn. They're wearing black and the sun is fucking bright, they're probably cooking inside their clothes. 

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  11. Thank you Tara for sharing.  Great Workout!

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  13. Oh my gosh. My upper back feels amazing. 

  14. Such an easy but powerful flow, perfect for my Sunday morning, thank you!

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  16. Check out this video on YouTube:

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  18. hi Tara!! d workout is awesum..but cn i do it in breaks..like doing it for 15-20 mins on the first day and increase it day by day…i think i won't be able to do it in one go..and one more thing can this workout alone would lead to weight loss…pls do reply to my query..pls pls..

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