Shoulders Strengthening Yoga Exercise in Downward Dog with Kino MacGregor

Shoulders Strengthening Yoga Exercise in Downward Dog with Kino MacGregor

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  1. Noriko Whittaker

    Thank you, Kino! Two months ago I could not lower and raise my both elbows together from the downward dog. I am very pleased to say that I can do it now ???? Thank you for all your help! Namaste ????

  2. dasada dqwrdasf

    How do you manage to put your heels on the ground cause I feel an awful pain in my legs?

  3. I cannot hold my dog for 4 breathes and my feet do not completely touch the ground, dies this mean I am doing it wrong? How do I gain upper bodh strength? 

  4. I'm very new to yoga, and I'm not sure if I'm doing the downward facing dog properly. Is there a newbie way to do it? The heels of my feet can't touch the floor and the heels of my hands can't push towards my body..just yet. I'm just sliding forward.
    What's your advice?

  5. wow I really felt my lats kick in when I lowered my elbows to the floor.. I think I have got into some really bad habits, plus looking at my standing posture my shoulders are rounding forwards! I also noticed that I am not using my core enough lowering down to chaturanga!! Phew I will be working on shoulder strengthening and alignment for the foreseable future! I have learnt so much from this video thank you

  6. BartekChudiniMarek

    Your lower back is in straight line, my shoulders and upper back's position is good, but I have major problem with my pelvic floor/lower back area, it's like stone, my pelvic floor doesn't want to go lower, and it's curved, like in forward fold I can't go lower, because can't lean foward it stops me, even on bent knees. So by doing downward facing dog I have no progress, I can't stretch it. I'm looking for exercises which helps me stretch that, but can't find, because I don't even know, what muscle I should stretch. It really worries me.

  7. She's all over youtube. Annoying??

  8. Can u please share the diet…

  9. Hi Kino, just discovered your videos today. I can do a downward dog but when I begin to bend my elbows, my lower body seems to fight it, I feel like my arms are too short but I'm proportioned. Is this normal for a beginner?

  10. I follow a simple vegetarian diet :-)

  11. You glow, please let us know how is your diet like…

  12. I'm so happy to find these video's! I feel like such a dork at Yoga class with 15 other perfectly in shape and flexable girls,as a guy it's so intimidating. Its nice to be able to replay video's over and over to see what I'm doing wrong.

  13. Hi Kino, me again. I need some advice from you if possible. I often wake up with a stiff neck and then im off to the ciro practor. They have shown me how to sleep corectly on my side with my legs bent and a cushin in between my legs. The right hight of my pillow. Still i get some bad mornings, witch of your videos should i try to follow for my problem. They say my neck is clinching my nerves and then causes pain in the right shoulder, my whole arm tingles and gets lame.

  14. Great tip!

  15. I'm at a point with where many of asanas in primary series are starting to be easy, almost too easy (hope won't get bored with repetition!), but all those asanas and jumps that require strenght in the arms and core are yet troublesome. Especially the arms!!! I've tried body pump and gym practice to build strenght, but those didn't help much with yoga!

    Kino, your techniques for building strenght seem to be excellent. Wonder, should one do these inside yoga practice, between asanas or separated?

  16. Until you feel a good amount of burn in the muscle, but not too much so as to over exhaust yourself… a perfect balance

  17. Thanks Kino. I've been aware of your channel for some time, but never started until now. Been doing The Five Tibetans for a couple of months now, though. How many repetitions do you do of this? And for any of your videos like this one for that matter… until complete muscle fatigue?

  18. Great that you've started the practice! Yes, you can be on your toes or even with bent knees to do this.

  19. Hi Kino. I'm starting your Beginner Series today. One question: I can't stand flat on my feet and do this. Is this okay at first while I build flexibility? I can only stand flat on feet by really moving in close with my hands. But… at this position I can't possibly lower my elbows to the ground, even if I do one elbow at a time as directed in video.

  20. sticknstonesbrkbones

    I never thought yoga would be like this. Every bone in my back cracked. lol It feels good but at the same time I feel way more out of shape than I thought I was. BTW, were you able to do splits from the beginning of your yoga training or did it take you a while? If so how long is normal? thx

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