Power Yoga Foundations Training (level 1 beginner)

Power Yoga Foundations Training (level 1 beginner)

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  1. Semara Simu Shahin

    Ooh I love this! it's fast paced and gets me sweaty in no time. :)

  2. thank you fo all. Great trainner.

  3. is this video really for beginners…?

  4. this is too advancedI thought it said beginners

  5. if i have injured in my knee , May i can try these excersise ?

  6. thanks

  7. Thank You Very Much Young Man!! this make me sweat like I am in the sauna!! it was very nice. plz where can i get some CDs of yours? and how long should i do this exercise before i proceed to the other training?

  8. Thanks for the video….I had a question about the headstand pose, which is too advanced for a beginner. Can you a video on how to achieve that pose. Thank you.

  9. Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt

    Am I the only one bothered by the misspellings of "strength" and "coordination" in the beginning of this video?

  10. I got most of the flow in first try. So yay me! But I really struggled with the headstand. I couldn't control it at all. So does anyone has any tips for me. Oh and when is it a good time to transition to the level 2 video?

  11. This is too fast for me. Plus there are edits and slices that speed it up, making it rushed and not relaxing at all.

  12. Uh. it gets crazy at around 8:45 —- the first hand stand.
    Doesn't seem like beginner.

  13. Yeah, I'm a total beginner, been doing this for about 2 weeks, maybe 4 times a week. Guys, stop pussying out, of course you can't do it the first time! But you'll be surprised how much your muscles stretch out in 2 weeks. That is…. until the headstand DONT DO THE HEADSTAND. other than that… ALL GOOD :)

  14. This video is amazing! I have just been doing it for two days and I can tell that it's surprisingly hard to do this for 32 minutes without a break. But I'm sure this will yield great results. Thanks Reed,

  15. Barbara Van Der Graaf

    Bent Nail, substituting Down ward facing dog…do not like the interpretation. Besides looks nothing like a stretching dog…looks more like a bent nail.

  16. Sophie Schluderbacher

    Loved it, just a tip: a nice namaste at the end would make everything better ;)

  17. Originality of Sun Salutation is gone …

  18. 2 fast 2 f urious :D

  19. Mercedes Hernandez

    Excellent video. I liked it very much.

  20. Yeah, okay, I realize that yoga has been adapted to more of a fitness/workout sort of thing as opposed to it's more spiritual origins, and I respect that, I personally do yoga for the fitness and not any philosophical/religious/spiritual reason.  But rushing through the way you do just seems very much not to the point of yoga.  Going slow isn't just to make it easier to follow, it's about muscle control and grace.  I'm not saying you don't have that, clearly you are very fit, but these workouts are more for explosive muscle strength than muscle control and flexibility and for a "beginner" video it assumes a high level of flexibility and strength that many people simply won't have when they start out.

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