Power Yoga For Beginners Day 1 – For Energy, Confidence and Positivity Flow 25 Minute Workout

Power Yoga For Beginners Day 1 – For Energy, Confidence and Positivity Flow 25 Minute Workout

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  1. You don't wear big earrings while exercising bad example lady! I studied fitness instructing and you can't wear things like that

  2. Thank you for the great Video. I´m ready for the day now!

  3. Is there a playlist for this and how many days are their?

  4. Cassandra Toscano

    Hi Courtney. I saw Cuddy's TT a few months back and was really impressed by it. I was so thrilled to find here a practical application for the research she presented. I worked along with your video today – I still have a long way to go to improve my strength and flexibility but I finished the video feeling refreshed, happy and ready to take on the world. Thank you! Please keep making videos like this! :)

  5. Mona Elbouanani Toumi

    awesome !

  6. more talking than I would like while doing yoga.

  7. great poses but not really for a beginner

  8. I'm just the beginner. I've never tried yoga before, but now I wanna do it. However it hurts when I tried to follow the videos cuz I'm not really flexible, please give me sth for that!!?

  9. Just wondeful. Thank you!! 

  10. love this thank you

  11. I'm finding it difficult to do the standing splits, because I'm currently not flexible at all, I'm afraid. I can't stretch my legs and touch the floor with my hands at the same time. Can I do the splits with the standing leg bent?
    Any help or advice would really really be appreciated! Thank you :) 

  12. Love her pants…

  13. Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

  14. Loved this yoga flow thank you! ☺️

  15. Disfruta Los poder de Los cuerpo 

  16. wonderful woman doing wonderful things

  17. Love it! But hear a lot a crunchin going on and sure not the floor LOL!

  18. Thanks! This video is very helpfull to build up strenght.

  19. Courtney love the power yoga poses. But with the pattern of your pants I couldn't tell how you were positioning your legs. Sorry but that my only difficulty. You are awesome, beautiful strong and intelligent. 

  20. This yoga practice was so hard, I loved it!!!! Thanks Courtney!!

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