Plank Pose Explained, Yoga with Marlene

Plank Pose Explained, Yoga with Marlene

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  1. Thank you Marlene. That was very good cues for plank pose.

  2. hi, thanks for the comments lovely yogi's:-) join me on I offer Lots of vinyasa flow and core flow classes. Shanti,

  3. @Cardigan Babe, we're in the Netherlands. Lelystad.

  4. Ángeles Rodríguez

    You are forgeting your elbows, they are completely hiperextended … not safe, watch them

  5. Hi Marlene, I find your yoga exercise so impressive.

  6. Thx for explaining it bc ive been doing it wrong in a class and probably explains my back hurting and me not strengthening my core!

  7. thank you for this it really helped a lot

  8. great explanation! thanks :-)

  9. where is this studio based in?

  10. thank you. i now know i have been doing plank wrongly.

  11. Thanks. I love this channel and all of your instructors. This explanation was very focused and clear, thank you! Namaste

  12. This channel always puts out great videos. I will try this, thank you. P.S. Nice butt 😉

  13. Thank you Marlene , that is very well explained !

    Wirklich ausgezeichnet !

  14. Marlene, I love your teaching style! Great explanations and demonstration. Thank you! Do you have a lot of videos on Esters yoga website that charges a very reasonable fee? I've been considering joining. Again, thank you.

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