Pigeon Yoga Pose Hip Stretches

Pigeon Yoga Pose Hip Stretches

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  1. I looove this video! Thank you for kind instruction!

  2. When I do the upright pigeon pose with my right leg laid back, I feel too much tense in my lower right back and have trouble with maintaining the pose. After finishing the pose, I have lower right back pain lasting for a while, usually for one day. I guess it's caused by my pelvic alignment problem. Do you have any advice on that?  

  3. sometimes when i try to get in this pose, i can feel torque in my knee. what is causing the torque.?

  4. Thanks for this! I've looked and looked to understand whether the hip should or should not be higher up! Your video talked this through very well. 

  5. now this is just what I needed

  6. Anish Ramachandran


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