Motivating Positive Energy: Relaxing Meditation Music for Deep Relaxation, Yoga, Massage, Peace ☯038

Motivating Positive Energy: Relaxing Meditation Music for Deep Relaxation, Yoga, Massage, Peace ☯038

- in Yoga Relaxation


  1. Mind Freedom, One Love is All

  2. suka banget berasa tenang,mana kena pijet

  3. Wonderfull Music Life is really happy

  4. Grant Bettingen Jr. (GJ)

    I love listening an annoying AD before the meditation. You rock YouTube..


    I need guided Meditations for Wellness

  6. This always makes my day when I get on this channel and listen to the positive peaceful and soothing music

  7. nice ! it is verry nice music ofr relax

  8. Hi again yellow brick I really enjoy this motivation positive energy? I just enjoy everything I listen 2 from u!? its very peaceful and pic r beauitful? have a good one!

  9. Minh Thien Nguyen

    Habt Musik gemacht 1 Platz und es heißt die gesuchte Seele ☆☆☆☆Sterne

  10. Celeste Gonçalves

    belíssimo! !!!!! e relaxante! !!!!! dormi.!!!!

  11. Thank you the music is soothing

  12. you want to rest inside, the crieng soul? please get informations about Islam FOR YOURSELF! , we see in everything that there is a Creator, just look up for your coming Eternal life, use this chance, you read this, its the last embassy from the loving almighty God , dont trust medias and get manipulated ! Its exactly this what a part of your soul searched your whole life , but the other bad part of you just wants to do what he wants, The Creator is testing us. find eternal happiness my comrades in the same Bot, you can do it. dont give the Evil more time , because we life only once on this world, the creater promises us in his majestic reign with his human Prophets because he test us that he will re-create us Human for Eternal, we Humans are very special creatures of him and we can get really high postions ( even higher then Angels, because they only serve God they have no free will, but their ranks are really high because they are all Holy, and there are different angels and big Angels ). our death will surely arrive soon and in the hereafter are waiting eternal bliss and eye candy or violent tortures, the Creator is perfect and merciful as mothers to their infants and he is righteous and unimaginably perfect and powerful if you choose as a servant of him, he will forgive you all your past deeds, please cross this honor as fast as you can, all the knowledge and all creatures is from him


    It is awesome. I can feel the music.l am enjoying every moment when listening

  14. thank you for nice music helping me in reading calmly thank you

  15. Bonne journee

  16. i  love  this

  17. I feel very happy.

    thank you!!


  18. Leigh Heasley Yoga


  19. Wow tooooooo muchhhhhh

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