Morning Yoga for flexibility and strength, a guide with 14 poses and benefits explained

Morning Yoga for flexibility and strength, a guide with 14 poses and benefits explained

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  1. tv is better than  internet  for any information  so Y?

  2. The way she allow her knee to pass her foot is unsafe and could cause injury. Yoga is relaxing and most of the poses are challenging but be safe no your limit and make sure your alignment is accurate to avoid damages.

  3. Chloe Osborne-Walsh

    cool!! just started yoga, looks fun 

  4. Ahhh, I'm in the calming part of youtube…:)

  5. Christine ExhaleRelax

  6. im just learning cheer leading and im practicing yoga to be honest yoga is hard

  7. Oh man, I think that's so great! I just started doing yoga and I'm a kind of lost, I don't know where I should start from… I mean, what poses… can I choose whatever I want? If a good soul answers me I'll be reeeally glad :D

  8. this hurts

  9. Paula ´Pérez Hernández

    You have a stunning balance and your control posture is  amazing. I'm sure it's worth. I hope to reach this level one day. Meanwhile I keep on training and improving my skills and endurance. Thanks.
    How much time do you work our per week?

  10. Just want to ask -I've been training for a year now, fitness most of the time and building some muscles, but yoga just attracts me in some weird way even though I am not that flexible.Do you think it's possible to achieve this, if I start now, at 22?

  11. .nice

  12. this is strictly for experts

  13. IMPOSSIBLE to follow this without pausing and looking back at the screen every 3 seconds. rushed yoga is not yoga. it makes me anxious and not at all relaxed

  14. That's a bit fast for yoga.. not really getting the full stretch or slow control for strength.

  15. I actually put this in a playlist and use this to follow a morning routine. Really effective.

  16. You have a version where you do this slower and on each side ?
    I know that could take a lot of time , :/

  17. thats crazy fast..

  18. Abhishek Chatterjee

    What you're doing is demonstrating your yoga and doing a very good job at that but it's too fast to be a guide video. One can't possibly follow you so fast without prior knowledge of the aasanas.

  19. Rainey Messinger

    I am naturally flexible and is there water tuning in the background?

  20. I must say you're choice of music is completely fitting

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