Morning Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Morning Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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  1. Soila Vargas García

    I love the kid, This is the REAL way of practicing yoga when you have kids :-)

  2. How is the music in the background called? Wonderful <3 Thank you love :)

  3. MârieJosée L. Gabriel

    I really like it! The Light, the offering, your Voice, the Beauty that emanate from all of it & the expression of your Inner Child playing around

  4. for full kundalini yoga it must mulabandha =)
    I'm french
    great videos

  5. Love from Peru!!

  6. Shunia Kundalini Yoga Peru

    Thanks for share your practice!!! I did this morning in Peru (Southamerica) and i for sure share with my kundalini friends! You should do your teacher trainning.
    :) :)

  7. Thank you for this video. I liked it to make yoga with you.

  8. Yeah, teaching Yoga sitting on a fur skin rug?! SERIOUSLY!??!!! WOW! Talk about oxymoron. SMH

  9. Thank you so much for this amazing yoga meditation!
    It makes me feel so balanced and at peace.

  10. It's verry nice. Works for me! , Thanks, .like you say: you're doing great!


  11. i like to hug trees and eat veggies , and now THIS  !

  12. the exercise on minute 27:30 makes my head hurt, especially the forehead area.
    It really hurts so i have to put the head down for a few seconds. Is that normal? will it go away with practice?

  13. Loved this thank you

  14. Do Selbstversorgung Yourself-Together

    Hi! Loved your video! You really created a great atmosphere. :)
    I was wondering what the name of the kriya is? Could you tell me? I'd really like to look it up, what it is for, what it helps with etc.
    Thanks so much!

  15. please more videos or photos of kriyas.greetings paul

  16. Creme' De La Creme' Interstellar Kriya Sciences

    Learn the secrets of the universe and the Scientific Book of Genesis @

  17. I took teacher training with Ravi and Ana in Memphis and this class made me feel like I was back there again…bravo!

  18. sivadas balakrishnan

    Oh Baby!!! You made the meditation more exciting with your presence during the experience.
    Perfect and elegant!!!Thank you so much

  19. VIDO “VIdo” VIDO


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