Lizard Pose – Foundations of Yoga

Lizard Pose – Foundations of Yoga

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  1. que rica estas

  2. Hi Adriene, just wondering if you could do a video on flexibility in the hamstrings, i have always incredibly tight to the point where it hurts to try to completely straighten my legs!

  3. Great video, thanks! My hips are tight so when I practice Lizard my front knee tends to splay out, just a little. Am I better off keeping it tight to the midline with support or just letting it splay?

  4. Samantha Holley Porter

    This pose is incredible. Challenging (right now!), but incredible. Thank you for sharing. x

  5. Love this pose!

  6. Adrinetta Moultry-Davis

    Tried this yoga sequence after my 30 days of yoga and was a bit tight in my stretches will be doing this one again this week :-) 

  7. She was annoying at first, now she is kind of cute… Weird!

  8. That snap made me laugh! You did indeed get your point across! Thank you for the video!

  9. Hey Adriene, I love your videos.  I'm actually a RYT Teacher Trainee at the moment.  What brand bolsters do you use?  Those really nice.  

  10. Enjoyed this today, really "juicy" as Adriene likes to say. I probably couldn't have acheived much flexibility in this back in January but having done daily yoga for 3 months now I not only put my forearms down but also raised my back knee. Both sides! I think this pose will be helpful in working towards hanuman splits. Am I right?

  11. Nicole Lee - Health, Beauty and more

    i;d like to request the bear pose and maybe crab pose. Namaste

  12. Adrianne I love your videos! I finished the 30 days of yoga and haven't stopped doing it since. I would really love to see a foundations of yoga with goddess pose and variations of it, with eagle arms or a shoulder stretch and forward fold for example. I've tried it at home but nothing beats real instruction!

  13. Perfect for curling!

  14. Helgi Geirhardsson

    Question: everytime I do a "crunch" my neck hurts…. is there any way to just focus on your core without getting a neck ache in a crunch? :) btw love your videos

  15. Perfect. Just what I needed for lazy hips! :-)

  16. Learn Lizard Pose with Adriene! Foundations Of Yoga deepen your practice mindfully and with attention to detail.

  17. Learn Lizard Pose with Adriene! Foundations Of Yoga deepen your practice mindfully and with attention to detail.

  18. Please make a quick yoga session for Basketball players. 

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