Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1

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  1. nice curves Jill.

  2. This is some hard exercise

  3. So is there modified yoga for people with clubbed feet?

  4. Do you folks have Level 2 available?

  5. Karen Raquel Cruz Vidaurre

    when you will go up next level of yoga meltdown Level 2?????

  6. this workout allowed me to push myself to my limits, :-). when i first saw the video, i thought, 30+ mins!? no way. but i succeeded through it and i feel glad i didn't give up. thank you.

  7. Wow! I've been doing yoga for over half a year and I thought this would be pure hell. But even though it was challenging I managed to find the fun in it! Will most likely be doing this again :) Thank you! Namaste

  8. nishtha choudhary

    i cant feel my legs or arms. amazing workout!

  9. I love this! One of the best yoga workouts…really got me to push myself!

  10. realy you dick

  11. realy you dick

  12. My first time to do this Yoga and I feel great!

  13. Exeptionnel !

  14. I tried it for the first time tonight and by 5 minutes I was already sweating like crazzzyyy hehe but I managed to make it until 15 minutes!!Hopefully I can do it longer tomorrow;)

  15. I do one hour of yoga everyday of the week, I'm more of the intermidiate group. Plus yoga is fun! I'm the most flexable pearson in my family, my older sister is so not flexable, and can't even do the tree pose right. Lol

  16. Brutal

  17. OMGee…I was sweating a lot and love it, this a very well put together set of yoga poses.  I have done one hour yoga videos before but this one I was wondering when it was going to be over :)

  18. Damn, first 6 poses and already sweating like crazy! Amazing workout!!

  19. ….smh lol this is not yoga lordy smh I'm out of breath

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