introduction to meditation, introduction to yoga, why meditation, why yoga, online yoga class

introduction to meditation, introduction to yoga, why meditation, why yoga, online yoga class

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  1. The testimonials at the end are totally alien to the rest of the video.
    You can't pay for it, since you already have it. GURU << Gee yoU arR yoU!

  2. the first yogi seems to have travelled from the far future the way they animated it

  3. At the present moment, who will be successful in the rigid performance of the many yoga rules and regulations?

    Moreover, perfection is attained only by those who are surrendered souls.

    Where there is no mention of the Personality of Godhead, where is there surrender?

    And where there is no meditation upon the Personality of Godhead, where is the yoga practice?

    Unfortunately, people in this age, especially persons who are of a demoniac nature, want to be cheated. Thus the Supreme Personality of Godhead sends great cheaters who mislead them in the name of yoga and render their lives useless and doomed.

    In Bhagavad-gītā, therefore, it is clearly stated, in the Sixteenth Chapter, verse 17, that rascals of self-made authority, being puffed up by illegally collected money, perform yoga without following the authoritative books. They are very proud of the money they have plundered from innocent persons who wanted to be cheated.

    Is Sadguru Jaggi teaching the right type of Yoga ?

  4. how about TELL US HOW TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. God bless this man. I've done some of he free online courses. They have changed my life tremendously. Upa yoga and isha kriya have transformed me into a different human being almost. My mentality is better. My body feels better. I feel more healthy. Certain cravings for certain foods almost have disappeared. My depression is becoming less and less with each practice. And my outlook on life is starting to blossom.

    I will definitely in the near future be visiting the ashram to see the linga and contribute some volunteer work for a brief time to give back to what this man has given me.
    Thank you so much. God bless 

  6. inspired me…

  7. Check out this video on YouTube:

  8. beautiful …knowledge

  9. Habit Cunne Shote

    My teacher of the balance

  10. wow this is pure gold mate. good one.

  11. vikram rajak Rajak


  12. Another speaker…the meditative state tecnique should simply be passed on…

  13. zero was invented by arabs not Indians Sir;

  14. 001 reins This is a reply to your msg!
    The one with ringing in he's ears from doing the 'Meditation' of this rakshasa…..He said after chanting 'Aaaaaah' (the A part of AUM) he was told from another one under the spell, also of the rakshasa….Get this…."That the ringing was always there and it's now that he has enlightened senses that he now hears this ringing!" And he said "But also, why am I chanting just the A part of the AUM?" Reply was,,,"if you keep up this 'practice' you will receive the next part of the mantra!" You being a 'Disiple' of this fellow, why is this? …..There is only one explanation to why he has been giving this to chant!….
    A= Ida nadi it's the power of this left channel which where we desire, it's the MahaKali Shakti, but without Self realisation, mantras have NO MEANING anyway, but the worrying thing is that it's also connected to the superego it's our conditionings, our conditionings come from our past (Subconscious) and that is at a deeper level connected to the 'Collective' Subconscious where the 'Past' of everything is there….all the dead is there, and Is where all the Satanic forces are let loose! So why IS he getting 'Seekers' to chant this power, strengthening this guna? Fake gurus and rakshasa know this very well, that's how they trap you, pampering the ego, giving you a 'new' name so you feel part of something really great or by giving you incentives, like money off your next coarse etc, and by going to these seminars! You then make new friends and then the 'clubbing' starts, (like ants) conditioning after conditioning till you have a snake around your neck! Pls ask yourself honestly dear…what do you get from this 'guru?' Also you said there are as many perceptions as there are people! That's true, but to say there are as many realities as there are people is a myth! Because Reality STARTS with Self Realisation, the Truth must be achieved in our awareness! We know the absolute, our Spirit does not think, it manifests! We become connected the this all pervading power and gain a new power of 'Vibratory awareness' where we KNOW the Absolute! And this 'Guru' gives off heat! Saying a 'practice' can not harm anyone, is very wrong to say! There are very sinister ppl out there dear, and he is a rakshasa for sure! RVSP

  15. Love his segment on not looking up or down! Only outward and inward :)

  16. I feel like there's a reason sadhguru jaggi is here. Almost like the ancients and yogis and sages had a meeting and realized its time the whole world realized this knowledge. Its just a guess but I just feel like there's a reason for his being known to the world. If u really have a deep understanding of ancient knowledge you know what he speaks of is truth 

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