How to Meditate – Yoga – Meditation – Reloaded

How to Meditate – Yoga – Meditation – Reloaded

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  1. I would like to make clear. the no breath state you are still breathing but it is so subtle the the breath feels none existent. So please don't mis understand an force the breath to hold. just breath normally then it will naturally less and less. Nothing should be forced. I to have come across this video before, but my experience could not reach it's full potential until i learn from the Buddha the complete nature of it all. What use is meditation if you never change? what point if you never understand the causes of your suffering.

  2. Very nice video

  3. I don't know how to stop breathing while meditating can some one explain to me how to? 

  4. All I wanted to do is just meditate and find calmness and happiness in my life XD not being able to open a 3rd eye and astril travel XD

  5. Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  6. I have seen this video long time ago but have started to watched it every day for like a month already and it really "works". Only I am not quite sure whether I really fall into meditation because I never have experiences mentioned  of this video.

    Also, I would like to know very much who has created this video?! Please anyone?

  7. krishnan venkateswaran

    How to Meditate – Yoga – Meditation – Reloaded

  8. Magnificent video!

    Does any one knows who is the author?

  9. Highly Informative….. 
    Thanks For the share.

  10. what if i fall asleep while meditation?

  11. What is the background music? It's so peaceful!

  12. by reading the comments it appears to me that you are all overthinking things and trying to do something,,,,, just relax, observe your breathing ( become the observer of your body ) when you do this you are in meditation…… with practice it gets stronger just have to be patient and stop trying to achieve something, once you stop trying it will  happen… this video goes on to tantric concepts, don't bother with tantric knowlege until you have meditated for years. then when you get these powers you won't bother with them.

  13. Mantra (s) or No Mantras….your thoughts???

  14. Thanks of part 1 . Very clear and gve the feeling to start to do it every day, like you say! Thanks :)

  15. Check out this video on YouTube:

  16. How to meds

  17. thanks

  18. This is absolutely the best meditation training video w/ so much simple & deep infos to follow.  I recommend this video for any one who wants to learn meditation.  Even though I started with this video in early 2013, it's still my go to video when I need reminder of what meditation is & how to do it, etc. Thanks to the person who posted this & keep on posting it forever.  This video is a great blessing. Love & Light 2 ALL.

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