How to Do a Cat Cow Pose for Energy | Yoga

How to Do a Cat Cow Pose for Energy | Yoga

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  1. 0:51 this is what photoshop was made for

  2. More girls need to watch this..if you know what I mean lol

  3. Very nice example of the cat pose

  4. @0.51 if i insert it , it would go down to your stomach

  5. I'm told I have to do this to get my 36-week baby to head down from being breech. I've never done yoga and I have the coordination of a runaway bowling ball, so wish me luck!

  6. Thank you, for the advice

  7. Three Glamorous Chicks

    Hey guy

  8. I came to this video after watching a cat fight with a cow.

  9. all girls of all ages look good doing this for some reason lol

  10. Ummmmm can she redo this with less clothes?

  11. where's the kleenex?

  12. I thought this was called Cat and Camel

  13. Gosh the comments …

  14. nuts…nuts busting.

  15. I swear I had my pants on before I saw this video

  16. That arc tho

  17. +Howcast 1:18 "If you want to intensify this…". Gladly, by kissing you slowly deeply, passionately and infinitely until our hearts' magic transforms this cold world into heaven!  Holding you forever as forever only exists with us together! :_)

  18. I need learn this!

  19. came here to find fix my lower right lat, so I can start lifting again….. I think somethings lifting atleast….

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