Gentle Mindful Yoga for Meditation

Gentle Mindful Yoga for Meditation

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  1. i love your yoga videos, enjoy them very much. i was wondering if you can do more restorative yoga postures and meditation :-)

  2. Cassandra Jindra

    This was one of the best mindful yoga videos I've ever done from youtube!! And I have tried  lot, love the way you describe in detail how to do the movements and move our bodies in a way we can all understand and relate to! This was relaxing, and thorough and you come across as a knowledgeable, genuine yogi

  3. Elena Efstathiou (Edoc'sil)

    I was searching for good guidance and meditation videos, and most of them arent helpful, i'n so glad i stumbled upon your video! i found it incredibly helpful and its the first of the 4 videos i watched that made me actually relax and not sore my muscles from "beginners yoga stretches". Good job keep them coming 😀 I will share xx

  4. Thanks for your videos, Kris!

  5. practice with kris

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