Eight Angle Pose / Astavakrasana in Yoga

Eight Angle Pose / Astavakrasana in Yoga

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  1. Alexey Polikashin

  2. Jessica Washburn

    I did it!! I thought this would be so much harder. I would have never been able to do it with out this video! I didn't know how to start! yayy

  3. Amanda the Bear

    You guys should do yoga before doing these…

  4. Nadia Kostigova

    I am a beginner. How do I prepare for head standing and hand standing poses?

  5. Wrists whoa.


  7. Excellent demo!! got it 1st time thanks

  8. Big huray and respect for you, I think I would dislocate at least three joints if I would try this.

  9. I practised a lot and now I can do it! I feel so proud! 😀

  10. Ballerina Surge

    Very Nicely Illustrated!! :)
    *Thumbs Up*

  11. ArranLovesIphones


  12. ArranLovesIphones

    I tried this and suprizingly I could do it

  13. Deposetheboyking

    Just did this for the first time in class today. Never thought it was possible. Our instructor had us cross the ankles before lifting up. Next time I am warmed up, I would love to try your way. It does look harder though.

  14. Incredible!!! I haven't reached this yoga level yet, but I hope I will! :)

  15. Esther… what happened to the toe? +_-!!!

  16. 1:25 – trying to extend that leg a little bit *bone snap audible* "Okay…"

    Just teasing – love your videos EE. I've subscribed =)

  17. adrian palomino

    muchas gracias ,,,,very nice.

  18. I so glad, I thought that it was so difficult but I am able to do it! 😀
    Could I Know how many hours do you spend practicing yoga?

  19. @walkertexasranger33 besides her body is fit i kno u would hit that

  20. @walkertexasranger33 i guess to each his own

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