Denise Austin: Yoga Metabolism Booster Workout

Denise Austin: Yoga Metabolism Booster Workout

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  2. VaMpiReFrEaKs1992

    Enjoy the exercise and this beautiful yoga workout.Psychotic christians can take their annoying fucked up mind and ass and go somewhere else.

  3. Anyone know how many calories are being burned?

  4. its a good excersoze

  5. I like this workout, especially because I wasn't feeling like doing something intense like running but also not like something slow like yoga, so this was a good in-between option. But I'm just gonna put it out there… Denise Austin is sooooooo annoying!

  6. Denise Austin: Yoga Metabolism Booster Workout:

  7. Some people are saying this isn't Yoga. Well, this is Yoga in another level. If you want the benefits of Yoga with some cardio and strength, I guess this is the kind of exercises you are looking for. But if you only want the "pure Yoga", this channel "Be Fit" and other ones has some workouts for you too.
    This isn't a destruction of Yoga, it's only a great fusion of exercises based on Yoga and I love it! :)

  8. bravissima! I'm sweating!

  9. ดีมากเลยค่ะ

  10. Doing this week 

  11. The English Sisters

    Thanks Denise, great workout for mind and body! Smiles from The English Sisters

  12. I love, love this video!  Thanks, Denise!

  13. i did it.. all of it.. i feel like superman,.,

  14. awesome! thank you!

  15. oh my god.

  16. To average people who want to melt fat–but can't get started.  Just Go and Google Fat Blast Furnace right away.

  17. I love Denise Austin!

  18. I worked up a great sweat! This is perfect for a break from my homework Sundays

  19. Good clear instructions for each move. 

  20. great work out. easy to follow. 

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