Dahn Yoga Quick Class: Intestine Exercise

Dahn Yoga Quick Class: Intestine Exercise

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  1. hello.. can u please tell me if this excerise will help reduce diarrhea or increase diarrhea?

  2. Can anybody tell me plz does this exercide work for acidity.I have hyperacidity for few months

  3. I feel so warm in my intesine

  4. When your intestines are heathy your whole body feels heathy and you feel good.  Just try 5 minutes a day, it will help you.

  5. This is very helpful!

  6. I like it!!

  7. Love you Danielle! This was fun to shoot and you look so beautiful! I hope you all had fun watching it!

  8. It feels very good! My intestines become warn and comfortable. Thank you!

  9. Wow. My body get hot. Let`s do it ^^

  10. Looks easy but not. I konw if I want strong my core I just do it.

  11. Great way to keep your intestine healthy

  12. This is such a great way to be able to remind and be encouraged to do intestinal exercises! I try to do many every day and can really feel my organ condition improving.

  13. So defficult this simple excercise. My tommy don't want ^^;;

  14. This video was very easy to follow. I like how it helped you count. good exercise^^

  15. I love intestine exercises. Thanks for taking us through this exercise. 

  16. Auhsang Lee (000Muah000)

    I guarantee this.  I do it, too.  It is very simple but will empower all organs and bring calm mind. Fantastic

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