Crow Pose | How To Do Crow Pose | Yoga With Adriene

Crow Pose | How To Do Crow Pose | Yoga With Adriene

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  1. I'm definitely going to challenge myself to keep working on Crow! I know I'm going to enjoy coming back to this video periodically, and I know I'll be laughing and having a fantastic time growing my practice every time I do!

  2. I've always had scrawny arms and little arm strength. And I never believed I would be able to do strength poses like this. After practicing this for the first time and for only a few times tonight, I finally #hitthatBakasana. Thank you for this tutorial and for believing in me through a video!

  3. PaigeandKelseyShow

    I feel really depressed :( I can't do it no matter how hard I try

  4. I think it would be awesome if you did a video with all the basic inversions!!

  5. Into day 16 love every minute! U r the best! Thank you!

  6. How do I avoid my knees pulling on my arm skin when I do this??

  7. Ahh! Got it on the second or third try and held it for about five seconds! I will slowly work up to where I can hold it for ten seconds or so! Keep trying everybody, yoga is a wonderful journey!

  8. Love the wigs

  9. Thanks Adrienne!! I love your videos. I've been doing 30 days of yoga. I'm a beginner. I really wanted to practice crow pose and I got it then fell over but it was an amazing feeling. You kept me from getting discouraged. I will continue to build my strength and gain more balance and eventually not fall over. I feel proud of myself. Thank you again! Namaste.

  10. Was up for 2 seconds ? so happy as everything tending to handstand scars the sh** out of me ?????????

  11. Really love all your videos and your positive attitude. easy to follow and well explained.

    Just a note to consider since you are well learned in yogic roots, rooted in Hinduism, it is considered wrong to place feet on any books since books are considered sacred as they are the source of knowledge. You can use a block or something else. Not saying it with any negative intent, just thought to mention in case you didn't know and something to learn from….

  12. Great video! Thank you

  13. I just watched this video and I'm still so new at this whole yoga thing. It's going to take me years before I get good at the terminology for yoga! I love learning something new! I've been a crazy Zumba instructor for off and on 4 years but I'm loving this yoga stuff! I feel so strong! I really hope that I can personally thank you one day for how much good you've done for me!

  14. This is my biggest challenge. Keep practicing

  15. Omgg the book you used was The Art of Looking Sideways! That's such a fantastic book! :)

  16. Jessica Weatherby

    +Yoga With Adriene I LOVE your videos and your attitude to teaching yoga, NO YOGA ROBOTS! You were the first video I ever watched and I was hooked from the start because you are wacky and weird and that's why I'm a fan! But i'm not a beginner yogi anymore and I'd love for you to do some more arm balancing poses! I've nailed the crow after months of gaining strength and practice BUT need a new goal! hope you're well x Namaste x

  17. Youre amazing beautiful, intelligent and a great teacher, thx

  18. Goals.

  19. My feet keep slipping off my arms each time. Suggestions?

  20. i did it!

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