Complete Yogic Jogging Exercise – Baba Ramdev

Complete Yogic Jogging Exercise – Baba Ramdev

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  1. dhenu group

  2. what is the daily routine for yoga? first clear bowls take bath and then do yogic excercise , then asanas and then pranayama?

  3. Great exercise for weight loss… I will absolutely try as it is giving best result in just 10 to 13 minutes….

    God bless you.. Jai ho!!

  4. 1:05 that guy on the right is overdoing it :)

  5. i get it the yoga version of zumba

  6. and now for the drop

  7. Last two years, I noticed some problems about my hardness. Then I saw prolargent 5×5 extreme on internet.Itworks wonderful. I was looking for a product togive me an edge in the bedroom and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have realised it works best if taken on empty stomach before the meals. I experienced no side effects either. Love it.

  8. hahahahaha Oh man, wow….such saxy jogging by baba

  9. tembel sporu. götünüze girsin. 

  10. türkisch:olum spor yapsan göben olmaz yaptigin fitnes bi boka yaramaz seni oraya koyanin götüne koyim dallama.
    englisch: son if you do fitnes and sports you dont have any stomack. fitnes what you do the peoples can stick in asss hole. :) ho give you place to stand there they are allso not normal. 
    auch in deutsch nein google meine meinung jaaaaa bakkalda

  11. god bless all these beautiful people, as i watched they all became like little children x 

  12. Ramdevbaba ki jay ho………

  13. Awesome

  14. Ultimate for weight loss n body fitness

  15. Really ramdev is a king of yogas very good and respectable !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This is the best Jogging in 13 mins……… feels great . every one should try

  17. What a great commitment from 20 yes I personally on on om

  18. Long live Ramdevji

  19. The real yoga pants! :)

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